Meditation for Anxiety 

"Suryacitta's teaching & wisdom on the nature of our minds and that our own minds are the cause of most of our suffering was difficult to come to terms with at first but as we progressed and combined the teachings with meditation training things started to become clearer. Mindfulness is about becoming aware of our thoughts and actions and accepting and being kind to our thoughts. Our minds left to their own devices create problems that don’t exist. Suryacitta has a calm, relaxed & open way of teaching which I found very helpful especially the group discussion and interaction." David - Director Scottish Power 

Mindfulness for Anxiety 

We get many questions about mindfulness and meditation for anxiety and one of the most common is how to lower anxiety using mindfulness. We have a number of effective tools, techniques and courses to help you unlock the key to using mindfulness for anxiety that is causing you stress and worry. Take a look at some wisdom from Suryacitta below and read through advice on freeing yourself from anxious thinking. Here at Mindfulness Unleashed, we offer retreats on anxiety and worry specialised courses in mindfulness meditation and compassion and silent meditation retreats for both learners and teachers. Browse our courses in meditation for anxiety to find one that suits your needs. 
Meditation for Anxiety

Mindfulness Exercises for Anxiety 

There are many ways of looking at how to relieve anxiety through mindfulness... 

Using mindfulness exercises for anxiety is approached with one particular helpful frame of mind; when we are anxious we know one thing for sure - our attention is lost in thinking. This means we are sub-consciously ruminating on a problem which may exist in real life or in many cases it may not even exist, and we have “lost ourselves” in that rumination. This rumination then creates feelings of anxiety which makes the whole mental scenario “feel” real. 
Through techniques used in mindfulness for anxiety and worry, taught by experienced teachers, we are able to short circuit this whole process, and to notice when we are getting lost in anxious thoughts, and to actually free ourselves from believing them. Our attention can then return to the present moment to either appreciate what is really going on, or to reflect on whether the anxious thoughts have any validity and to act appropriately. 

Meditations and teachings on love, life and the joy of living! 

To be free from anxious thinking you will: 

Learn tools and techniques for everyday life 
Learn how to come out of your head and into your life 
Learn how to unhook form anxious thinking 
Learn to be in the here and now with life as it really is 
Learn how to be calmer 
"I realise I have always seen myself as a doer and felt it’s important to have constant things to do and lists of things for the future. I didn’t allow myself time to be and that means thoughts came in when I was doing other things like sleeping. This has been such a positive experience. It has left me wanting to do more." 
8 Week Mindfulness Course

Mindfulness & Compassion online Courses 

Dates: Run through the year 
Mindfulness and Compassion Made Plain and Simple for your everyday life - course over eight weekly sessions 
Price £145 
Mindfulness for Anxiety

Help! I Can't Stop Thinking - Ten days to a quiet mind 

Ten day pre-recored course - Listen anywhere, anytime 
This pre-recorded course was designed by five-time author and international teacher Suryacitta Malcolm Smith. Suryacitta is known for his simplicity and clarity of teaching.  
Price £20.00 
Mindfulness Exercises for anxiety

Opening to your natural joy - meeting your intuition 

Ten day pre-recorded course - listen anywhere, anytime 
This pre-recorded course was designed by international Buddhist teacher Suryacitta. Learn to listen to your intuition and open to your natural joy. 
Price £20.00 
Meditation to reduce anxiety

Feeling Overwhelmed & Stressed? 

Speak to one of our specialist mindfulness teachers today on 07837 866619 for more information on our courses in meditation for anxiety. 
“I have to say though, that despite having six years of private psychotherapy, with a senior accredited psychotherapist, I have found your course to be transformational, both deeply affecting and life-enhancing. Thank you.”  
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