Meditation Retreats 

Suryacitta has been leading meditation retreats for over 30 years and Gaynor for over 15 years. 
"I really like the pace of the retreats, the meditations are a good length and having regular breaks makes this useful. Thanks so very much. Your kindness, your passion, and your humanity are your best qualities."  
Rosella (Verona, Italy) 

Meditation Retreats UK | Mindfulness Retreats 

At Mindfulness Unleashed, we offer one day, weekend and week-long silent meditation retreats in the UK, Italy and Spain, including in the beautiful town of Newtown Linford, Leicestershire. These silent retreats allow you time to focus, relax and work on deepening your meditation practice with one of the most innivative and experienced mindfulness teachers in the UK  
Our silent meditation retreats are available both in-person and online, so take a look at our retreat options below and find a mindfulness retreat that can fit into your schedule. Alternatively, if you have any questions about our retreats, get in touch with us today. 

Silent Retreats One Day 

Here at Mindfulness Unleashed all our meditation retreats are led by ordained Buddhist minister Suryacitta who has over 30 years of practice experience. Though the silent retreats are secular in nature he often draws on ancient wisdom making it accessible and relevant for today's world. 
During our one day silent meditation retreats in Leicester there are some guided meditations, punctuated with teaching, quiet time to relax and breaks to enjoy a drink of your choice. Lunch and snacks are provided. 
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Silent Meditation Retreats

Weekend Meditation Retreats 

In-Person and Online. In-person will take place in our Kuti (meditation space) and it will also be broadcast online for others. 
Price £130 in-person | Price £70 online 
Mindful Living Retreats

Longer Meditation Retreats 

This meditation retreat is led by author and teacher Suryacitta and supportd by Gaynor Quilter. Secure your place with £100 deposit. 
Single En-Suite 
Large Single - Shared Bathroom 
Meditation Retreat

Weekend Meditation Retreats UK 

Our weekend silent meditation retreats normally run from 10.00am till 4:00pm on Saturday and Sunday. They take place in the Kuti, (meditation space) in the delightful village of Newtown Linford, Leicestershire If you are travelling from afar, there are local hotels and B & Bs two nights. We will provide accommodation details on receipt of booking. Beautiful Bradgate Deer Park is just three minutes walk away so come and enjoy a relaxing weekend. 
These meditation retreats are suitable for anybody with some experience of mindfulness and is interested in taking their experience and meditation practice to new depths with one of the most innovative and experienced teachers in the UK.  
What Will Happen 
On all our retreats there will be teachings from Suryacitta and Gaynor, punctuated with meditations - some will be guided. In the meditation space there will be time for questions and discussion on any aspect of life and meditation. Outside of the meditation space there will be silence to allow teachings to be absorbed and to aid reflection and relaxation. There will be breaks and lunch will be provided. 

Meditation Retreats UK - What people say from weekend retreats 

"Simple, transformative and profound. What a pleasure to sit quietly for two days with other people and meditate. Wonderful!"  
"This weekend meditation retreat surprised me – I was expecting a usual two days to Silence and instead I got an intensive retreat. Marvellous!!! Sorry, I never tire of listening to you – you’re a great teacher. Even when I’ve heard it before it’s always fresh and often funny which I love. Thank you again and to Gaynor for making everything in the background always run smoothly." Sue 
“It exceeded my expectations, Suryacitta always keeps the content simple and understandable” Colin 
"Thank you! I have enjoyed the silent meditation retreat. It’s a little like stepping out of reality for two days (which feels like a week!). I’ve never experienced anything to compare it with but I’m really happy and chilled with some refreshed strategies for life." Kerry 
"Thank you. I have enjoyed every minute, very beneficial and this helped me understand the challenges in my own practice." Freddie 
"Have enjoyed popping my balloons! The teachings have brought me down to earth again, which is what I needed. Lovely meditation weekend." Penny 
“Hello Suryacitta, This email brings HUGE THANKS for your presence and teachings last weekend. I could include a long shopping list of the items which worked for me really well...!! Sam 
"I found your teaching straight forward, down to earth, enjoyed all the metaphors. SOOOO elegant, simple and profound at the same time. Of course much of the dharma is, however you are able to touch the heart of it without an hour long discourse. Cherly 
"I had not heard of you before. A friend posted about the retreat & 
I was in need of some silent time with the collective energy of awareness. 
So I signed up... very happy I did, a powerful retreat for me. Scientists tell us that the sense of smell can trigger very early memories. I am wondering now what the influence of a home town accent is? from one Smoggy to another" K Bob 

Silent Meditation Retreats 

Our longer residential Mindfulness retreats are located at the stunningly beautiful Nanpantan Hall in the heart of Charnwood Forest, Leicestershire. These retreats are suitable for you if you want to experience deeper meditation away from your normal every day life. 
These silent meditation retreats Suryacitta leads are also suitable for teachers of mindfulness to both deepen their practice and their teaching skills. 
If you need to discuss anything at all contact Gaynor by email: 
Mindfulness Retreat

Meditation Retreats - What people say from longer retreats 

"As always Surya teaching is perfectly placed filled with wisdom, clarity and humour. The meditation retreat in Leicestershire was brilliant, the team allowing the space for people to meet themselves with love, honesty and openness. I was able to spend time deepening my practice in a supportive environment with kindred souls." 
"I said at the beginning of the Meditation Retreat last week, that the Nanpantan Retreat in 2017 had been the highlight of my life. Is it possible , do you think, to have 2 highlights in your life 🤣? I hope so because last week was my second👍 It would be so lovely to acquire a third highlight of my life. I be there next year!" Judy 
"I started the retreat looking into pool A soaking up the rich natural surroundings, and found the space to work at a much deeper level withtpool B." Anne 
"I’ve come to the retreat in a bit of a confused state amidst a lot of upheaval happening in my life. I’m still in the same state but I feel a lot of softness, openness and acceptance of how things are. This is what I want to work on. I thought the group was wonderful, the teaching insightful and spot-on to where I needed to go. The retreat was beautifully put together. The rooms, the food, all very thoughtful and caring." Thank you 
"Last year I commented that I’d found more questions and answers and I worked on some of the more important ones over the year. This year I simply found the stillness and the sitting very beneficial and powerful. As a result I now view the questions as simply heightened curiosity and issues make more sence from this perspective and from a puzzled “must work this out“ perspective. I’ve rediscovered that keeping my meditation more simple is more effective than if I overcomplicate it. So thanks a million for another stimulating and transformative week." Peter 
"I feel the benefits of the retreat every day. The concentrated practice boosts my awareness, I would like one a month, ha ha! I can see why people attend longer retreats, the difference with practice and general living is quite pronounced." Penny 
"I found the simplicity of practice we experienced helped me to stay balanced through the following weeks." Kirsty 
Reflections of a Dog Walker  
Free "bite size" audio teachings and meditations from Suryacitta, inspired by walking his blind dog Bankei 
Straight to your WhatsApp number. 
Just click the link above from your mobile you should then be able to access Walking into Wisdom. If you clickvia a compiuter you can access via the web version - just follow simple instructions. Please send me your first name and country. PLEASE NOTE: You will not be inundated with messages from other members. Only Suryacitta will be sending messages. 
"These short teachings, so simple, so profound and each one makes a difference to my day. David 

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