Voice Dialogue Facilitation Training 

"I love noticing the energies coming and going and sometimes a slight shift, other times more obvious and of course those still sneaking up on me that take a little longer to notice" Samantha Hall 

Voice Dialogue Training 

The Training Will 

Enable you to know yourself more deeply by building the capacity of your observer 
Access your hidden energy by getting to know your banished selves 
Grow your confidence in your intuitive self, to influence your decisions for living 
Use your meditation practice as well as tools and techniques to bring more ease, choice, and freedom to your everyday life 
Your Joy is Behind the Mask 

Be your authentic self - learn how to access all of you by using Voice Dialogue 

Get to know yourself more deeply - be your authentic self. 
Help your clients with simple and practical voice dialogue skills, tools and insight to access the change they seek and need. 
Make the commitment to knowing yourself more deeply and have some fun getting to know your many selves. Choose to live a life that has all of you in it, rather than being managed by a few dominate selves.  
Gain more energy and access, and use your intuitive self. 
Bring your playfulness. There is no preparation needed for Voice Dialogue, just a willingness to engage, be open and curious with yourself and the group.  
Use the simple and practical voice dialogue skills, tools and insight with your clients. Facilitate the changes they seek and need. 

With kindness and compassion more of you is available  

This facilitation training will: 
Support you to know more of who you are and why you do what you do, without needing to apply a judgment label 
Build the muscle that is your compassionate observer 
Help you have more fun and learn how much energy is wasted when you hide from all of who you are 
Help you build a different relationship with and to your many selves or parts – recognising your gifts and strengths 
Use the opportunity to apply kindness, be curious and learn the skill of non-judgement 
Develop and use your intuitive self-more often 
Build awareness of how creative, practical, and impactful you are when you choose to be all of you. 
Use your own meditation practice to support your inquiry into some of your many selves or parts 
Help you observe the difference that the wiser you has in all your relationships  

Who's Pulling Your Strings? - how do you respond? 

Suryacitta's Books 

Taught from 20 years of using this approach in our married life 

The voice dialogue facilitation course has been designed by Gaynor and Suryacitta based on 19 years of using voice dialogue in their personal relationship. “We used it as a fun, safe and insightful way of learning about each other and making a commitment to work through our responses to each other and the people in our lives from an aware place”. 
Gaynor trained in Voice Dialogue 2016-19 with John Kent. 
Suryacitta’s latest book The Happiness and Contentment workbook contains many of the exercises used in this facilitation training programme. 

Through Voice Dialogue 

Through Voice Dialogue and individual practice exercises you will get a sense of how your dominant selves appear in your life, how and why they function, the gifts they bring and the tyranny they can create. 
You will also access the opposite energy, the hidden selves, banished but available, these can bring more ease, freedom, and balance to your life. 
We will be using meditation practice to grow the power of your observer to support integration of your many selves and build your capacity to consciously access what you need in your daily life. 
This is the voice of wisdom , your authentic self, that gives you depth and your own unique perspective on your life. 
Apply this learning to support you in your work as a coach, counsellor, mindfulness teacher, manager and leader. 
The Voice of Wisdom 
The Practicals 
This is a 7-day facilitation course held in 3 blocks over a 3 month period. 
The course is limited to 9 people. 
A Vegan Lunch is included each day + unlimited tea and biscuits 
You will have 3 individual Voice Dialogue zoom or in person sessions with either Gaynor or Suryacitta at a mutually agreed time during the facilitation training. 
We will be working in a large group, small groups, and quiet reflection on your own. 
There will be demonstration sessions and supervised facilitation 
You will be asked to undertake home practice in between sessions. These are exercises from the workbook and building the observer by noticing which selves show up in situations 
You will also receive a copy of Suryacitta's book The Happiness and Content workbook prior to the course and Voice Dialogue handouts. 
Dates Next Dates TBC 
Facilitation Training dates toTBC 
This is a 7-day course, in 3 blocks, over a 3 month period. This is in person facilitation 
The time as a group together will be 9.30am and 4.00pm  
The cost £1,500. There is a £200 non-refundable deposit on booking 
If you wish to discuss if voice dialogue training is suitable for you please contact Gaynor on 07837866619 for a chat 
The course will include a certificate of attendance for your CPD records 
To book: 
The cost £1,500. There is a £200 non-refundable deposit. 
There is the option to pay monthly or you will be invoiced for full amount 6 weeks before the start date. 
CPD - Certificate of Attendance: 
We are inspired by Sidra and Hal Stone as they know from their own experience of voice dialogue that the aware ego process is not easily certifiable! They decided not to go down the route of certification. See link this is not a certifiable course! https://www.voicedialogue.org/resources-IVDA.htm 
Your will receive a Certificate of Attendance for your CPD which will state 50 hours in class and one to one facilitation. There is an expectation of home practice - noticing which selves are showing up in which situations. 
Introduction to Voice Dialogue 
We will cover  
How to use your Meditation Practice in voice dialogue  
Your Intuitive self 
The Aware Ego Process - Building the capacity of your Observer 
Dominant selves: Who are they? Perfectionist, People Pleaser, Pusher, Inner Critic 
Demonstration of basic Facilitation skills - creating a safe space for dialogue 
Facilitation exercise with a practice partner 
Feedback in larger group – observation and curiosity 
Home inquiry and practice work in between workshop sessions 
We will be looking at some of our hidden and banished selves, how to notice them sooner through practice and accessing their strength and wisdom. 
We will cover: 
Demonstration of basic Facilitation skills - creating a safe space for dialogue 
Voice dialogue Hal and Sidra Stones– the impact of family dynamics and our relationship with selves and others 
Growing Awareness – the observer, centring and grounding practices; using your meditation practice. Dancing with our Dragons 
Exploring your hidden or banished selves 
Who are we attracted to? The dance of energy. What are we trying to balance in our lives? 
Openness and Creativity “hello judge” 
Demonstration and Facilitation exercise with a practice partner 
Feedback in larger group – observation and curiosity 
The gift of vulnerability - Taking care of this precious jewel 
Home inquiry and practice work between workshop sessions 
We will acknowledge and celebrate our many selves. We will set our own intention to live and stay open to all our selves. We will continue to explore who we are and invite different parts /selves we want to spend more time with to be in our lives more often.  
We will cover: 
Demonstration and Facilitation exercise with a practice partner 
Feedback in larger group – observation and curiosity 
Learning to listen deeply to the wisdom of your body 
Working from within the body 
Dialoguing with the self behind the symptom 
We will create our own plan to bring the ease and joy we seek into our daily lives 
Tools and techniques for mapping and tracking our selves 
Knowing in the moment who is living your life and making aware choices 
Building a community for on-going play and practice 
Partnering and Building a Community of Practice  
The best way to learn voice dialogue is to practice. After the second workshop we will be encouraging you partner with someone from the group to continue building the muscle of Compassionate Mindfulness uisng voice dialogue. 
What people say:  
“This was one of the best courses I have ever participated in. The skillful and excellent facilitation of Gaynor and Suryacitta enabled a true experiential introduction and practice into Voice Dialogue. I was amazed at how empowering this process is. Getting to know and hearing what my inner selves have been saying throughout my life’s journey was incredibly powerful. 
Dr Marnie Aston 
How many of these selves do you have?  
The Victim 
The Critic 
The Judge 
The Perfectionist 
The Controller 
The Responsible Self 
The Protector 
The Cynic 
The "Good girl" 
The "Good boy" 
The Clown 
The Joker 
The Rationalist 
The Agreeable self 
The Assertive self 
The Fearful self 
The Guilty self 
The Shameful self 
The Creative self 
The Beach bum 
The Planner 
The Know all... and so many more 
The list is enormous but we only need work with some of the more dominant selves. None of these selves are bad, they just need to be balanced and be a part of the inner family.  
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