How to Overcome Anxiety. 

“It was quite exraordinary to see how much anxiety is created by my own thinking, but even more so when shown what to do about it.” Phil 
Here at Mindfulness Unleashed we run morning and all day workshops on overcoming anxiety 
Our in person workshops take place in the Kuti, our beautiful meditation space - see the photographs below.  
Alternatively we can come to your place of work, please contact us if you are interested in this option. 

Workshop on Anxiety and Worry 

Workshop - Exploring Play Through Art 

The Kuti - Venue

Overcoming Anxiety Workshop 

Date: TBC 
Price £75 - includes lunch, snacks and drinks 
Maximum of 12 people in person 


Overcoming Anxiety and Worry 

The Kuti - Venue
Exploring Creativity Through Art  
Saturday 23rd July 10:00 - 16.00 
Includes, lunch drinks and snacks 
Price includes materials and you will take home what you have created! 
Maximum of 8 people 


Mindfulness and Art 
Anxiety has been on the rise in recent times for a variety of reasons. Whether it be concern for our own health and wellbeing or that of our loved ones. It could be anxiety and worry around the uncertainty and unpredictability of life, or it could be something specific such as being out of work and looking for a new job. 
However, much of our anxiety is created simply by our own mind and this is where many of us can feel stuck, because we don't know what to do about all the over thinking. Suryacitta and Gaynor can show you how to work and to free yourself from over thinking and the feelings of anxiety which can seem so overwhelming. 
They will show you in very a simple, direct and straightforward way how to see anxiety from an energetic prespective, and to stop believing the anxious stories the mind creates. They will show you how to overcome worry and anxiety. 
Sometimes anxiety can get us to act, it can motivate us to do something about our situation. However, anxiety just eats away at our well-being, often leaving us feeling miserable, helpless and stuck. 
They will share tools, techniques for you to use in your everyday life to relieve you from anxiety.  
Exploring your own Playful nature using Mindfulness and The Arts 
When Marnie and Gaynor get together expressive and playful energy emerges. Come and join them for a workshop that will combine their passions for expression and the arts using mindfulness’s to set the internal scene to support you to explore your own expression. 
Who is it suitable for – anyone who knows that they need or wants to connect to their playful self in a safe and fun environment. 
What people say about the workshop 
“It helped me to be more chilled and in the moment, whilst living a busy life.' Simone, 23 
“So much fun and self-discovery.” 
Olivia 33 
“I enjoyed moving and feeling free.” 
Gill 55 
Marnie Aston 
Is an expressive artist and earns her living from being a Chartered Child & Educational Psychologist and Integrative Art Psychotherapist. She is the Director of Imagine Inclusion Ltd and Co-director of Imagine Arts and Minds C.I.C. 
Gaynor Quilter 
Is a gardener and earns her living from being a mindfulness coach and teacher. 
Gaynor’s lunches are legendary. We’ve been trying to get her to produce a cookbook for years. It must be 40 years’ worth of intuitive cooking. Delicious, enough to convince anyone for eat veggie/vegan food and so healthy! 
Simone and James 

The workshops that are online  

You will need: 
A PC/Laptop/Macbook or Tablet. 
A stable internet connection 
A private space where you will not be disturbed. 
Please note that there is no cost to download Zoom. 
We will send very simple instructions for Zoom 
Non Duality Online Courses
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