Mindfulness Meditation 

“I loved the teachers, they always brought it back out of the head and into the simplicity of what is happening now. Wonderful!!!  

Online Meditation Course 

This online mindfulness course will be led by Gaynor Quilter 
Gaynor is an International coach and mindfulness teacher. During the course you will learn the very simple and beautiful art of mindfulness meditation. Gaynor will also share techniques for everyday life to remain mindful and observant when you start to feel negative emotions. Mindfulness meditation involves sitting quietly and paying attention to thoughts, sounds, the sensations of breathing or parts of the body, bringing your attention back to the present. This weekly mindfulness meditation course will be supported by open discussions, the chance to ask questions, a workbook and many more tools and support to help you understand your truth and find peace. 
After the course you will receive access for one month to MIndfulness Unleashed 24/7 our global online programme. This is packed with guided meditations, (all downloadable to your phone), teachings and live in-person and online sessions. 
8 Weeks Mindfulness Meditation

New to Mindfulness and Compassion? Two day online course  

Date: TBC 
Two day Online Meditation Course for Newcomers 


3 Day Meditation Courses

Mindfulness and Compassion six week course - online  

Dates: TBC 
The Mindful Way to Self Compassion 
Online meditation 
Dates to be confirmed 


Online Mindfulness Course 
This meditation course will be led by Gaynor Quilter 
The online mindfulness course is led by accredited coach and mindfulness teacher Gaynor Quilter who trained with Suryacitta and also at Bangor University. She has over 16 years experience of mindfulness practice. 
This Mindfulness and Compassion course was created by Suryacitta and was a core component of the Mindfulness and Compassion MSc at Coventry University. 
How the course will be taught: 
During the 6 week online meditation course there will be teaching input, guided meditations and plenty of time for questions and discussion. You will be able to apply simple and effective tools and techniques in your own lives. By practicing you will see how mindfulness can help you in your daily life - enhancing your relationships, your work and every other area of your life. 
Is it suitable for me? 
It is suitable for beginners and those wanting to refresh their meditation practice. It is also suitable for any health, social care and wellbeing professional wishing to progress onto the teacher training programme. 
If you are unsure about suitability then please drop us a line or ring on 07837866619. 
“The course surpassed my expectations, it has helped me understand that I don’t need to clear my mind, I acknowledge my thoughts. The guidance on your website has been really useful as well as the guided reading sent beforehand. This has helped me to continue to engage in mindfulness before the course as well as afterwards."  
I am meditate prettymuch every day. Sometimes I sit twice! In addition I am finding my brain is less busy and I am more present when out walking, cooking or gardening. I also just stop and appreciate life more. So thank you! 
Warm wishes 
I love this course. It was a strong and in-depth experience. Gaynor’s sharp observation skills really helped me gain an awareness of what I was looking for and how to get there. I am setting aside Tuesdays evenings to keep exploring and sitting. 
Thank you 
8 Week Meditation Course

Course Content 

The Jewel in the Ice: You will learn what mindfulness is and is not and how to set up and establish a regular meditation practice 
How to live in your body, not your head: You will learn how to come out of your head and into your body 
Living in the present: You will be shown how to stop living in the past and future and to live more in the present moment, which brings more contentment and ease. 
Calming the chattering mind: You will be shown why you have a busy mind and how to calm it. You will explore the nature of thoughts themselves. 
Dancing with dragons – working with difficult emotions: You will learn how to work with stress and anxiety and all other difficult experiences. This builds more resilience to support the challenges of daily living. 
The ABC of mindfulness - the secret to a happy life: We will show you the secret to a happy live. It's not what you think it is! 
Compassion meditation for self and others: We share the beautiful practice of compassion (loving kindness) meditation and how to apply it to yourself and others. 
Everyday mindfulness and what next: We will show you how to maintain your practice, addressing the common obstacles and pitfalls. We talk about what’s available and on offer after the course. 

Course Materials, after course support and CPD Certificate: 

You will be sent a Mindfulness and Compassion workbook to use alongside the live course. 
During and for three months after the course you will have access to our global online membership programme - Mindfulness Unleashed 24/7. This has guided meditations, wisdom stories and observations and many teachings from Suryacitta. We facilitate monthly in-person and online drop-in meditation evenings. 
This course is registered with the CPD standards office. At the end of the course, we can issue you with a certificate for your CPD records. 

Opening to your natural joy - 10 day online course 

8 Week Mindfulness Course Online
Still unsure if our courses are for you then try our 10 day stay at home online course 
More info by clicking HERE 
Reflections from a Dog Walker  
Free bite-sized audio teachings and meditations from Suryacitta, inspired by walking his blind dog Bankei 
Straight to your WhatsApp number. 
Just WhatsApp with the link above and put the word BANKEI into the message. You will then be sent an invite. PLEASE NOTE: You will not be inundated with messages from other members. Only Suryacitta will be sending messages. 
"These short teachings, so simple, so profound and each one makes a difference to my day." David 

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