Team Away Days 

A happier, healthier team can lead to better work outcomes, enhanced customer satisfaction and patient care and an improved bottom line. Embedding the principles of Compassionate Mindfulness provides a safe, reliable and effective way of achieving this goal. 
"“Suryacitta, cosmic man! Beautiful jewels, jems and facets of wisdom. Fearless learning into the edges was inspiring.” Dennis 


Our team away days are not just deeply relaxing and a chance to leave the pressures of work behind. You will also learn Compassionate Mindfulness techniques that can truly transform your life. 

An opportunity to spend time with your team in a safe, supportive and nourishing space.  

Team  away day

Relax, Learn, Practice, Reflect (whilst having some fun too!) 

Our team away days provide an opportunity to explore how staff may be able to use mindfulness and compassion in their professional and personal life. 
The away day is experiential and provides some practical tools and techniques to deal with the stress and pressure of working life. We use humour and metaphors in the teaching of themes to support the recall of the materials. 
The away day gives the team time to pause, reflect on work-life integration, and be together in a safe, beautiful and nourishing space. 
You will be given access to our Resource Library of guided meditations, wisdom stories, observations and teachings. 
You will be given a certificate of attendance for your CPD records. 

What people say 

“It was a revelation to see how powerful and beautiful can be the use of metaphors and stories to convey meaning. They cut through confusion like lots of words never could.” Dan, Leicester University 
Simply fill in the form, and we’ll get back to you within two working days. If there is a preferred day and time, please let us know.  

Some companies we have worked with 

Toyota Manufacturing
Capital One
Samworth Brothers
Precision Recruitment
Bank of Ireland
Kings College London
BBC Radio Leicester
Royal College of General Practitioners
Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council
Priory Healthcare
Coventry University
Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council
Priory Healthcare
Coventry University
Herriotts Millward
Capital One
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