Reflective Practice 

"Empty your mind dont fill it!". 

Reflective Practice - Mini Retreat 

We run a variety of themed workshops for both individuals and teams.  
These are highly popular and in great demand. Speak to us about what you need to explore to create change, and we’ll create a bespoke package just for you.  

Our most popular workshops are retreats for professionals and how to be more creative 

Empty your mind, don’t fill it!  
Retreat for Professionals 
A one day retreat in persons and online for Psychotherapists, Psychologists and Counsellors - blending short teachings and guided meditations in an atmosphere of silence and stillness (with a nourishing lunch!). 
Therapists spend long periods using their mind, often to the neglect of engaging with their senses. Increased workloads are resulting in pressures to ‘do’ rather than to be’ . This inevitably moves them away from the intuitive and creative essence of therapeutic work that was once enjoyable and fulfilling, resulting in tiredness, frustration, and reduced motivation and enthusiasm. 
You will learn how to move away from the chattering overactive mind, to connect with yourself and the beautiful environment in silence and wonder. The intention is to begin to notice and experience the restorative nature of meditative contemplation and reflection, and to access your natural intelligence and intuition. 
This day is for your own personal development rather than it being focused on techniques to take back to your clients. However, you will find that regular meditation practice will inevitably be beneficial in your clinical work by enabling you to be more present and engaged. 
A certificate of attendance can be requested for your CPD records. 
The short teachings will include the underpinnings of meditation and ways to put these into practice, including: 
• Coming to your senses 
• The four truths of life 
• The observing self 
• How to work with your busy over active mind 

Testimonials from people from Leicestershire County Council 

"The sessions gave me information and knowledge and time to absorb ideas and consider lessons learnt. It’s not rushed but the pace is satisfying and inspirational." Jan 
“Suryacitta, cosmic man! Beautiful jewels, jems and facets of wisdom. Fearless learning into the edges was inspiring.” Dennis 
“It has been an excellent retreat. Initially, I was very reluctant to go on the course, not knowing what it was or how it could help me. But the course is so powerful and challenging and life-changing. It made me become more aware of myself and I intend to continue to practice.” Stephen J  
"It should be rolled out to all the staff in social care." Stephen B 

Some companies we have worked with 

Toyota Manufacturing
Capital One
Samworth Brothers
Precision Recruitment
Bank of Ireland
Kings College London
BBC Radio Leicester
Royal College of General Practitioners
Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council
Priory Healthcare
Coventry University
Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council
Priory Healthcare
Coventry University
Herriotts Millward
Capital One
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