Mindfulness Teacher Training 

Our Mindfulness and Compassion Meditation Teacher Training Programme has been assessed and accredited by the CPD Standards Office. 

“I hadn't quite realised how predictable, habitual and uninspiring my teaching had become, until I came across you guys. I now feel free to teach from the heart and I am so enjoying it.” David  

Intuitive Mindfulness Teacher Training Online and In Person 

"Train to Teach Mindfulness Intuitively." 


Taking bookings now for September 2024 

Become a Certified Intuitive Mindfulness and Compassion teacher by joining our 6-month Teacher Training Programme. 
Price £1995  

Mindfulness Teacher Training  

Suryacitta and Vicky warmly invite you to join them on this 6 month Mindfulness meditation teacher training course starting Sep 24. 
This hybrid course will allow you to become a qualified Mindfulness meditation practitioner and is accredited by the CPD Standards Office, UK. 
It will also provide you with an opportunity to delve deep into your own Mindfulness practice, 
It is Suryacitta and Vicky’s aim to guide you to embody the teachings so that when you teach Mindfulness, you can share from your own experience and practice, and teach from a place of authenticity and intuition. 
Those wishing to attend the course as a way to continue your own personal Mindfulness journey are welcome to join us; parts of the course will be optional if you are not wishing to have the qualification at the end of the course. 
To find out more about the teacher training course, pop the kettle on and have a read through the information below… 
“This has been a wonderful experience and a chance for developing greater self awareness and instilling the confidence to teach mindfulness. Not just about the mechanics of the 8 week course. The challenging moments were handled so gently that the opportunities for growth were maximised. Truly nourishing in all senses.” 

Find Out More 

Live online webinars on the last Wednesday of the month 19:00-21:00 
in person retreat days on the first Saturday of the month 12:00-17:00 at The Wee Retreat studios, southside Glasgow; 
Peer support sessions either online or in person as appropriate to discuss 
reflections and learning from the course, to practice materials in advance of 
teaching to the larger group, to discuss the recommended reading and raise 
any points of clarification before the next session; 
1:1 sessions (2 x half hour) with either course tutor; online or in person; 
online materials including guided meditations, pre-recorded Mindfulness and Compassion course; 
Course book – Mindfulness teacher’s handbook 
recommended reading list to support and reinforce the learning from their own experience of practice. This includes more background on theoretical underpinning of mindfulness and compassion teaching; Buddhist philosophy and the latest studies from neuroscience that can support teaching. 
The option to continue on a further 6 month supervision pathway offering support either in person or online  
As places are limited, a non-refundable £200 deposit is required to secure your place. The full course will be £1995 (this includes the deposit). We can offer monthly instalments for payment if required. 
To book, you can either secure a place via our website or email vicky@theweeretreat.co.uk to pay by direct bank transfer. 
*Please note, when booking via the website, it is this deposit that will be charged; we will contact you to make arrangements for the remaining balance which can be paid in full or in monthly instalments. 
Suryacitta Malcolm Smith, is one of the most experienced mindfulness teachers in the UK, starting his practice in 1989. He is the author of five books including, Finding Contentment through Mindfulness, published in 2011 and Mindfulness and Compassion – Embracing life with Loving Kindness, 2015. Both published by Ivy Press, and A Mindful life, Who’s this in the Shower with Me? How to Get Out of Your Head and Start Living. 
Suryacitta has taught mindfulness and compassion meditation to 1000s of people in the UK and abroad. From 2001 to 2005 he lived in a meditation retreat centre, dedicated to intensive practice and teaching. He is known as the teacher’s teacher having taught many of the teachers in Leicestershire, the UK and Europe. He is renowned for his absolute down-to-earth approach, and for his simplicity, clarity and humour in teaching, being free of mindfulness jargon and cliches. 
Suryacitta has such a rare gift of communicating in a way that challenges and explains in such a simple way. 
I have been incredibly fortunate that Suryacitta has guided me on my mindfulness journey for a number of years now. His knowledge and experience are very evident and support his compelling and inclusive communication style. 
Suryacitta is an inspiring teacher who creates safe spaces for his community of learners, who grow at their own pace within a supportive group. I have learnt so much from him and know I can look forward to ever more jewels of insight to awaken my future practice. 
Vicky Hope is a parent, Educational Psychologist, Mindfulness practitioner and founder of The Wee Retreat CIC, a wellness centre in Southside Glasgow. 
She attended Suryacitta’s 8-week beginners Mindfulness course in 2012 and credits her teacher for introducing Mindfulness in such a unique way that she was able to establish a daily meditation practice early on in her journey. Vicky qualified to teach Mindfulness meditation in 2016 and has been sharing the practice with people ever since via beginners courses, further into Mindfulness courses, Mindful parenting events, day and weekend retreats and drop-in meditation sessions. 
Vicky is passionate about teaching Mindfulness in such a way that allows people the opportunity to see the pit falls that get in the way of establishing a regular practice. 
Knowing the impact of Mindfulness in her life and the potential for it to be of benefit to others, Vicky founded The Wee Retreat CIC in 2018 as a safe and tranquil space for people to look after their wellbeing. 
Vicky’s approach to teaching is just so relaxed and honest and engaging. 
Vicky is a wonderfully present & compassionate teacher. She makes the teaching ‘real’ through sharing experiences & giving plenty of time for practice & reflection. 
Vicky is a warm, friendly, genuine person who has an immense wealth of knowledge in mindfulness. 
Vicky is a fantastic teacher. Her calming voice and presence really put me at ease. Whether you are new to meditating, or have experience, Vicky is the ideal person to take you on a meditation and mindfulness journey. 

Entry Requirements 

Participants will have attended a beginners 8 week Mindfulness course (this does not need to have been taught by our course tutors) and a recommended minimum one year of meditation practice. 
If you do not meet these requirements and wish to attend, we are happy to look at this on an individual basis, please get in touch directly- vicky@theweeretreat.co.uk to discuss. 
Graduation requirements 
Graduation will take place if students have participated in a minimum of 80% of the pathway and demonstrated how they have caught up with any modules they have missed as well as delivered the teacher training elements of the course including guiding meditations, delivering a mindfulness talk and leading a mindful enquiry session. 
Skills to teach mindfulness meditation courses and workshops in a range of settings 
To teach Mindfulness intuitively and to learn to trust your own experience and practice 
How and when to use metaphors, images and stories to enrich your teaching 
The roots and subtleties of this ancient practice 
How to use the brilliant arts of silence and pauses as teaching aides 
How to guide different mindfulness and compassion practices 
How to facilitate mindful inquiry 
How to guide meditations - What to say and what not to say 
Learn the three pillars of excellent mindfulness teaching 
Course outline: 
Each session will include time to focus on your own practice and going deeper, an exploration of the teaching themes and time for questions and answers and reflection. 
Over the course of the six months, all trainee teachers will be asked to lead: 
2-3 meditation practices 
an introductory talk on Mindfulness meditation 
a mindful enquiry session 
September 24 
21st /22nd | 12-5pm both days 
In person weekend retreat led by Suryacitta & Vicky 
Introduction to the programme, practice, and expectations; What Mindfulness meditation is and isn’t- exploratory session; Introducing the main themes of Mindfulness; Introducing and setting up peer supervision. 
25th | 7p-9m 
Online webinar led by Suryacitta 
The three pillars of excellent mindfulness teaching. The roots of mindfulness and the Four Noble Truths. 
October 24 
7th | 12-5pm 
In person retreat day led by Vicky 
Theme 1: Awareness: the mind as a tool; thoughts. 
Establishing a regular meditation practice. 
30th | 7-9pm 
Online webinar led by Suryacitta 
Most common mistakes teachers make and using metaphors, stories and images. How to guide a meditation, what to say, what not to say and how much to say. 
November 24 
2nd | 12-5pm 
In person retreat day led by Vicky 
Theme 2: Patience: the ABC’s of mindfulness 
Teacher training talks, guided meditations & enquiry sessions. 
27th | 7-9pm 
Online webinar led by Suryacitta 
Exploring inquiry and how to respond to any question you may get asked. Managing group dynamics. How to inquire into students’ meditation and understanding. 
December 24 
7th | 12-5pm 
In person retreat day led by Vicky 
Theme 3: Acceptance: the 2 daggers/ choiceless awareness 
Teacher training talks, guided meditations & enquiry sessions. 
18th | 7-9pm (please note not the last Wed of month) 
Online webinar led by Suryacitta 
How to use the magical art of silence and pauses as teaching aides and brief overview of the science. 
January 25 
11th | 12-5pm (please note 2nd Sat of the month, not 1st) 
In person retreat day led by Vicky 
Theme 4: Curiosity: the ego/ dancing with dragons 
Teacher training talks, guided meditations & enquiry sessions. 
29th | 7-9pm 
Online webinar led by Suryacitta 
Business Alchemy- Marketing from the heart; business nuts and bolts 
February 25 
1st | 12-5pm 
In person retreat day led by Vicky 
Theme 5: Compassion: Loving Kindness practice; being in silence. 
Teacher training talks, guided meditations & enquiry sessions. 
26th | 7-9pm 
Online webinar led by Suryacitta and Vicky 
How to run your own Mindfulness events: courses, workshops and day retreats; Graduation ceremony. 
Please email support@theweeretreat.co.uk 
“I am infinitely grateful for the experience. During the training course mental constructs continued to drop away revealing more of the jewel within us all. It has deepened my own practice and given me the confidence to pass on the miracle of mindfulness to others. ” 
Paul B 

Is the Mindfulness Teacher Training For Me? 

Graduation from the 12-month Intuitive Mindfulness and Compassion Teacher Training pathway will give you a certificate from Mindfulness Community Interest Company and endorsed by CPD - Continuing Professional Development Standards Office. 
The 12-month Intuitive Mindfulness and Compassion Teacher Training pathway is for people already working, or intending to work with mindfulness and or compassion in their professional lives. This could be through teaching formal mindfulness courses or bringing mindfulness into other roles and disciplines, including health and social care, private practice, business, education, coaching, non -profits, criminal justice and many others options. The possibilities are limitless
Our graduates repeatedly say the experience has been transformative. Meditation teacher training has deepened, giving them the understanding, confidence and capacity to teach from their own experience and practice.  
(See testimonials) 

Qualification, Graduation and Accreditation 

Graduation from the 12-month Intuitive Mindfulness and Compassion Teacher Training pathway will give you a certificate from Mindfulness Community Interest Company and endorsed by CPD- Continuing Professional Development Standards Office. 
You will be qualified to lead your own workshops, classes and courses in Intuitive Mindfulness and Compassion in your professional work with clients, groups and organisations. The Intuitive Mindfulness and Compassion course was used as the foundation of the MSc in Mindfulness and Compassion at Coventry University. 
This is not a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction qualification. MBSR is a particularly defined Mindfulness modality having its own separate training programs. 
Graduation will only take place if students have participated in at least 80% of the pathway.  
Mindfulness taught simply and practically  
is transformational, not just educational. 
Price £1345.00 
Learn to use the beautiful art of silence and pauses in your teaching 
Price £1345.00 

Graduates will be equipped to: 

Teach mindfulness classes, workshops, courses and one-day mindfulness events. 
Deliver the Intuitive Mindfulness and Compassion course created by author Suryacitta Malcolm Smith 
Teach mindfulness and compassion to groups in a variety of settings including in health care, business, non-profits, education and a host of other settings. 
Bring mindfulness techniques into individual work including psychotherapy, coaching, chaplaincy and social work. 
Give mindfulness lectures 
Network and Wider impact: 
The year long pathway provides you with an approach based on simple, practical and proven teachings and resources backed by expertise and experienced teachers. Our graduates have gone on to teach around the UK, Europe, Australia adn Central America in a diversity of settings – from health and social care to classrooms; yoga studios to boardrooms, equipped with the knowledge, confidence and ease in their ability to teach from their own experience. The course is adaptable and provided them with the skills to mould it to their own unique setting. 

Train to Teach Mindfulness Today Join Up 

We can offer payment plans for those who are eligible for the meditation teacher training course. This is usually payment on a monthly baisis. Please ask for more details. 
What to expect from our Intuitive Mindfulness and Compassion 12 month Pathway 
Reignite, dive deeper and refine your own personal mindfulness practice 
Learn the Skills to teach mindfulness courses, classes, and one-day and weekend meditation events 
Learn how to teach Mindfulness intuitively and to trust in your own experience 
Learn the three pillars of excellent mindfulness teaching - simple, elegant, practical 
Grow your ability to lead and guide students one-on-one and in groups 
Learn to teach a number of mindfulness practices; including the Mindfulness with Breathing, Compassion, Being at Home and Serene Reflection 
Learn how to work with common obstacles around the different meditations you will be teaching 
No ticky boxes for you or your students 
Learn how to work with challenging students and groups 
Learn how to be confident during the inquiry process and respond to the questioner and not just the question 
How to cultivate awareness in your student’s personal and professional lives 
How to use metaphors, images and stories to enrich your teaching 
How to use the brilliant arts of silence and pauses 
How to help students work with troublesome thoughts and emotions 
How to leave your students wanting more not less 
Join a committed peer-group of fellow trainees and benefit from personal support from the tutors 
A daily meditation practice. This is the cornerstone of being able to teach well and to teach from your own experience. All trainees will be expected to maintain and deepen their practice throughout the year long pathway 
A minimum of six months regular mindfulness meditation practice 
Attended a one or two day silent retreat or will do so prior to the start or during the pathway 
Attended a mindfulness and compassion course or similar. ie  MBSR, MBCT or has attended Buddhist teachings 
Exceptions concerning these entry requirements are at the discretion of the tutors, please contact us 
This is a year long Intuitive Mindfulness and Compassion Teacher Training Pathway 
It begins with an initial 2 day virtual or in-person retreat ((October 2023 see below) 
1 day retreat and one optional silent retreat  
6 X 2 hour Live webinars  
2 one to one 1 hour sessions with Suryacitta and Gaynor 
Final virtual and in-person morning meeting with graduation 
Usual number of students 12 
The three pillars of excellent mindfulness teaching, guiding meditations and what mindfulness is and is not 
Keeping teaching Simple, elegant and practical 
Guiding meditations 
Inquiry process - Trusting simplicity 
Intuitive Teaching 
The two pools of mindfulness practice 
The price of practice 
In the final quarter of the year you will be asked to submit a short recording of your Mindfulness and Compassion teaching for your specific audience or an introduction to Mindfulness. You can choose any theme from the 8 session course. Videos will be around 20 minutes in length. This will form the basis of your one to one session with the tutor. We can help with technical issues if needed.  
Pease Note: You do not need to record this to a group but can be filmed alone.  
The pathway includes  
2 day opening retreat 
1 one day retreats and one optional silent retreat 
6 x 2 hour webinars 
2 one to one sessions with the tutors 
Saturday morning tea ceremony celebration 
Venue: Our mindfulness teacher training takes place online over Zoom or in the Kuti in Leicestershire UK . 
The full cost £1345.00  
The cost includes all administration fees; tuition fees for the four day retreat; 6 learning webinars and the graduation retreat. As well as 2 individual one to one sessions focused on your teaching of the key themes and a second for discussion of your practice. The pre-recorded eight week mindfulness and compassion course. 
The initial deposit of £200 secures a place. This is non-refundable. 
Payment and Payment Plans: 
We will invoice you for the full remaining amount, 3 months before the start of the pathway, unless you have chosen to pay monthly. 
We can offer monthly payment plans that start the month after the deposit has been made. Please ask for more details.  
Cancellation Policy: 
The initial deposit of £200 secures a place. This is non-refundable. 
20% of paid balance is refundable up to a 2 months before the pathway commences. 
There will be no refunds once the 6 month pathway has begun.  
If for any reason you have to cancel we will endeavour to transfer you to our next year long programme. 
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