MINT Mindfulness Unleashed Intuitive Network of Teachers 

A Refreshing Way to Teach Mindfulness  

Teaching Mindfulness - The Unleashed Approach 

Join MINT - Mindfulness Unleashed Intuitive Network of teachers  
A refreshing new way to teach mindfulness 
We have set up MINT as we have noticed that good hearted, well motivated teachers are being over cautious with their teaching and losing the "magic" and enthusiam that drew them to teach in the first place 
At Mindfulness Unleashed we encourage you to teach from your own intuition, from the depth of your own practice. You will feel the benefits in your teaching and see the impact this has on your students. You will surprise your students, not only by what you teach, but by how you teach.  

Who is MINT for?  

Membership of MINT is for you if you are: 
A Teacher of mindfulness who has trained with Mindfulness Unleashed. 
A Teacher who has trained with other organisations and who wishes to teach more intuitively in a new and refreshing way. 
Teachers who want to teach with more freedom and to fall in love again with mindfulness and what they do. 
Those who wish to belong to a Network of like minded teachers to provide support, challenge and collaboration 
To learn, share and grow your practice in peers and some of the mosy innovative and experienced teachers in the UK.  
What is MINT?  
MINT is Ten Monthly Network webinars a year. ( not August or December) 
Held on 3rd Wednesday of the month, from 7-8.30pm UK time 
MINT also includes Supervision or mentoring when you need it during your teaching periods. This is part of the UK Good practice guidance for Mindfulness teachers  
Access to Mindfulness Unleashed 24/7. A great source of teaching material, inspiration and meditations for yourself and your students 
Reduced fees on Silent day and weekend retreats 
A new and refreshing approach to teaching mindfulness 

Why do I need MINT ?  To unleash the magic of your teaching  

MINT will support you to  
Teach without fear - building confidence in your own style and response  
Teach you without use of ticky boxes 
Build your intuitive skills so that you are freer with or without a fixed curriculum 
Build your capacity to respond to any question you get asked 
To belong to a network where we share ideas and new ways of presenting  
To remain fresh and open to your own practice - continualy inquiring and reflecting 
To avoid your teaching becoming stale and predictable 
To learn more about the roots of mindfulness and meditation - anything with roots is stronger and more resilient 
Teach with the three pillars of excellent mindfulness teaching at the core -  
Keeping it simple - Keeping it elegant - Keeping it practical 
A network to support your teaching and practice   The monthly webinars will:  Provide a space to practice. Provide an open space for members to explore the issues that are coming up in their teaching. An opportunity to lead meditations that members have not tried before with an understanding and supportive community who know how to give and receive valuable feedback A space to explore how the Be Mindful Now CIC and intuitive teachers can collaborate on new projects and programmes (we are regualry asked) Invited guest speakers - exploring different themes including Mindfulness, Compassion, and non-duality Focused skill development as it arises or is requested by 3rd party trainers - building a buissness, marketing and social media (there may be an additional charge for this)  

Three options of MINT Membership to reflect your changing needs  

Try out MINT - Option 1 
Try our MINT for one evening and see if it is for you.  
Cost: £35.00 for a webinar of your choice 
Spearmint - Option 2  
10 MINT webinars - all recorded should you miss one 
1 supervision or mentoring sessions of 50 mintues per year with Suryacitta  
Membership of Mindfulness Unleashed 24/7 for yourself 
PLUS EXTRA 10% off day and weekend Mindfulness Unleashed Meditation retreats  
Cost: Monthly £45 
Paid Annually £490 - You save £50 
Peppermint - Option 3  
10 MINT webinars per year - all recorded should you miss one 
2 Supervisions or menotring sessions per year for 50 mintues with Suryacitta  
Membership of Mindfulness Unleashed 24/7 for yourself and all your students  
PLUS EXTRA 10% off day and weekend Mindfulness Unleashed Meditation retreats * 
Cost: Monthly £55 
Paid Annually £560 - You save £100 


Just to say a huge thank you. I"m been process so much, but something important has shifted, it was probably the most powerful supervision session I have experienced. So much for my lists!! Thank You"" 

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