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A Mindful Life - Signed Paperback


Busy-ness is really the height of laziness, and throughout the busy-ness of daily life, everyone ultimately seeks the same thing: happiness. But happiness is commonly misunderstood; it is not gained through material possessions or accomplishments. Rather, it is a state of being—ever present but not always obvious, like sunlight obscured by clouds. Mindfulness is the key to happiness, but the mind itself can be a great obstacle.

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Suryacitta explains, that it is perhaps a human’s greatest tool, but an overreliance upon the mind creates a constant swarm of thoughts that can easily become all-consuming. Chronic overthinking—living in your head—leads to anxiety and unhappiness. But much like nature’s inevitable storms, difficult emotions cannot be avoided. Instead, they must be embraced and accepted, for clouds always pass, and sunlight always emerges. Self-improvement awaits, and A Mindful Life is the guide.

A Mindful Life focuses on four key concepts: meditation, controlling the overthinking mind, learning to embrace negative emotion, and understanding the meaning of mindful living. Through anecdotes, observation, and instruction, the Happy Buddha (Suryacitta) unveils the path to overcoming the consuming lure of the mind to begin living life.

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