Mindfulness Supervision 

Suryacitta, the teacher's teacher offers mindfulness supervision with a difference. Learn to teach intuitively. Say less and leave your students wanting more. 
“Suryacitta, cosmic man! Beautiful jewels, jems and facets of wisdom. Fearless learning into the edges was inspiring.” D - Leicestershire City Council 

Mindfulness Supervision 

Want to feel confident during the inquiry process? 
Do you want to be able to respond to any question? 
Do you want to teach more intuitvely and to user stories, metaphors and image in your teaching? 
Transform your teaching by learning to use the three pillars of excellent mindfulness teaching: 
Keeping teaching, Simple, Elegant and Practical. 
Only £40 for 50 minutes.  
Mindfulness Supervision

Your Meditation Mentor 

The word “simple” means easily understood, presenting little difficulty, not elaborate. Suryacitta will show you how to become a mindfulness mentor and keep your mindfulness teaching simple and effective. He'll also address how not to get bogged down in needless complexity. 
Elegance is achieved by what we leave out, by what we often don't say. What we don't say is just as important as what we do say. Pausing, a little silence at the right time can more more transformtional and effective than a thousand words. 
My dictionary defines “practical” as being concerned with the actual doing of something rather than with ideas and theory. Keeping our mindfulness mentor teaching practical means that it should relate to real situations and be relevant to our students’ experience of everyday life. 

Short Video from Jo from learnful about Supervision 

You can explore the inquiry process in more depth and guiding meditations and any other aspect of teaching you wish to bring, including your own personal practice. 
“I never realised that keeping teaching simple and direct is what makes it effective. I couldn’t have imagined that the use of pauses and silence could have such an impact.” Ady 
Suryacitta talks about the ABC of Mindfulness on a tour of Australia 

Learn How To: 

Leave your students wanting more not less 
Deal with any difficult questions which often arise in teaching 
Use Silence and pauses as unique teaching aides 
How to deal with difficult students in your session 
Challenge your students and transfom their lives 
Stop falling into common mistakes even experienced teachers fall into 
Go beyond cliches and jargon 
What not to say whilst guiding meditations 
Sessions can be in person or more often now over Zoom/Skype 
"Hi Surya, I was going to email you to say huge thank you. I"m good... much to process but something important has shifted.. it was probably the most powerful supervision session I have experienced. So much for lists!! Thank You"" 

Books by Suryacitta 

A Mindful Life | Suryacitta | The Happy Buddha
A Mindful Life 
Happiness and How it Happens | Suryacitta | The Happy Buddha
Happiness and How it Happens 
Mindfulness and Compassion | Suryacitta | The Happy Buddha
Mindfulness and Compassion 
A Mindfulness Teacher's Handbook | Suryacitta | The Happy Buddha
A Mindfulness Teacher's Handbook  
The Happiness & Contentment Handbook | Suryacitta | The Happy Buddha
The Happiness & Contentment Workbook 
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