Suryacitta is the author of five books - 'Happiness and How it Happens - Finding Contentment Through Mindfulness', 'Mindfulness and Compassion - embracing life with Loving Kindness' and 'A Mindful Life, who’s this in the shower with me? - How to get out of your head and start living' and The Happiness & Contentment Workbook.

“A perfect beginners handbook. Absolutely spot on and beautifully designed.”

Emma Thompson – Oscar winning actress

“…The central idea is that we allow unhappiness into our lives by worrying about what has happened in our past, or by what might happen in our future. This is the in-a-nutshell takeaway that I got from this brilliant book. I’ve now been thinking about and putting into practice the concepts in this book for just three days. The result has been simply amazing. My state of happiness has increased significantly in this short time…”

Daryl Brick, Australia

“This book has changed my life. I absolutely love this book, and so does my husband. We have both re-read it. It is the sort of book that you could read a little bit of everyday for the rest of your life because the content is so meaningful.”

Karen, Leicestershire

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