Mindfulness Supervision with Suryacitta 

How to Teach Mindfulness Mindfulness with Confidence and Ease 
Are you Happy with the Way you Teach Mindfulness? 
Do you sometimes feel a fraud when teaching – nervous that you won’t have all the answers to students questions? Do you overcompensate by giving lots of information and struggle to stay present in the deeper experience that you are trying to communicate. 
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During your supervision session Suryacitta uses his extensive experience of practising and teaching mindfulness to help you to understand how to deliver your mindfulness teaching with calmness and confidence. Rather than responding to students through cliches and learned knowledge, Suryacitta will guide you to take confidence in your own personal practice, and use it as the basis to communicate to others. 
I can show you how to respond to any question, any situation without having to have all the answers 
Mindfulness course
Mindfulness training
I can show you how to make it easier for yourself and to be a far better mindfulness teacher. 
Mindfulness training
I can show you how to pause and use silence so that your students reflect and understand in a new way. 
Mindfulness training
I can help you to deepen your understanding and to bring out the beauty and richness of mindfulness. 
Mindfulness training
I can show you how to use metaphors, stories and images in your teaching which will bring it alive. 
Mindfulness training
Most teachers say far too much when guiding meditations, I will illustrate why you should say far less and make your guidance far more effective, whilst making it easier for yourself. 
Mindfulness training
I offer mindfulness supervision and mentoring to all mindfulness teachers and trainers in the UK, Europe and Australia. Sessions last 60 minutes and can be done over skype, Zoom or telephone. 
I bring nearly three decades of experience of daily practice to all of my supervisory sessions so I can help take your understanding to ever deeper and more subtle levels. 
As well as your own questions and concerns I like to explore areas such as. 
Enquiry process 
Keeping the teaching and practice simple and direct 
Making sure you are teaching mindfulness and not something else 
You are welcome to contact me and have a free introductory session. 
I charge £75 per 1-hour session for mindfulness supervision. You can have a one-off session or book a block of 3 or 6 sessions at a discounted price. 
Mindfulness supervision
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