Guided Meditations and Audio Talks 

Some of these talks and meditations were recorded live and we have left them unedited with question and answers, others were recorded specifically for this page. All audios are downloadable to any device.  
See below for titles and short description of audio tracks 
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Setting the Scene - Becoming Mushy - Audio - Recorded Live. Just how do we live a life of joy and ease? Here Suryacitta  
describes how to with the delightful use of a jewel in the ice metaphor - 30 minutes 
Morning Meditation - Audio - Recorded live. Many of us wake in the morning feeling sad or fearful. Here Suryacitta talks about how to  
approach this and guides a 'morning meditation'. 30 minutes 
Mindfulness and the Art of Standing back - Audio - Recorded live. Here Suryacitta talks about how to stand back from difficult situations, such as criticisms, rather than rushing in - 39 minutes 
Now - is the only moment of your life - Audio Recorded live. Now is the only moment we have, and we know this. Suryacitta explains why we don't get this truth - 27 Minutes 
ABC of Mindfulness and the Secret to a Happy Life - Audio - Recorded live - Suryacitta explains the process of mindfulness and the secret of happiness -18 Minutes 
Shenpa - How to unhook from over thinking - Audio - Recorded Live - Here we are shown how to free ourselves from overthinking and to dwell in the moment - 25 minutes 
Are you Nowing or Nexting? - Audio - Recorded Live - Suryacitta tells us why we are more interested what's coming next rather than what is here now, and what to do about it - 30 minutes 
Just Sitting - Meditation - Audio - Recorded Live - Here you are guided through a very simple and beautiful practice of Just Sitting sometimes called Serene Reflection meditation from the Zen tradition - 11 minutes 
Refusing the Promise - Audio - The world of thoughts is full of promises - empty promises. Here Suryacitta guides you in a practice or refusing the promise and staying with what is real - 19 minutes 
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