Suryacitta's Books 

On our weekend meditation retreats we cater for both the general public and corporate teams. 
"Simple, transformative and profound. What a pleasure to sit quietly for two days with other people and meditate. Wonderful!" Louise 

Suryacitta's Books 

Suryacitta known as the minddfulness teachers teacher is the author of five books including the best selling, Happiness and How it Happens - Finding Contentment through Mindfulness. He leads meditation courses and runs silent meditation retreats in the UK as well as around Europe and Australia. 
"I really enjoyed this read. It brings lessons and ideas to life. It illustrates how teaching should be, inspiring and from the heart. Absolutely loved every page"  
Amazon Review 
“A perfect beginners handbook. Absolutely spot on and beautifully designed.” 
Emma Thompson – Actress 
"This is a special book, best I have had on Mindfulness. It's very thought provoking, and you need time to think about what you have read." Mrs Bullock 
A great book. 
After what has been a rollercoaster of a year for many, this is a great book for positives and to help mentally. C Hood - Amazon reader 
"This is such an easy book to read - full of profound things. 
Every page or small chapter will leave you pondering for days. Genius... 
Zahida Adam - Amazon Reader 

Silent Mindfulness Retreat 

Please be aware that this is a silent mindfulness retreat so a little experience of meditation is expected but not essential. 
A silent retreat allows us to take time out from our busy lives and to rest, and to focus ourselves on our meditation practice. 
This is a non-residential retreat, but for those who live a distance away there is local accommodation which we can supply details of on receipt of booking.  
Cancellations must be made at least seven days prior to the start of the course. If you cancel within seven days we will look at your situation. 
No refunds will be given once the course has started. however, we can offer a free transfer to another course. 

Meditation Retreats - What people say from weekend retreats 

"I feel the benefits of the retreat every day. The concentrated practice boosts my awareness, I would like one a month, ha ha! I can see why people attend longer retreats, the difference with practice and general living is quite pronounced."  
"This weekend surprised me – I was expecting a usual two days to Silence and instead I got an intensive retreat. Marvellous!!! Sorry I, I never tire of listening to you – you’re a great teacher. Even when I’ve heard it before it’s always fresh and often funny which I love. Thank you again and to Gaynor for making everything in the background always run smoothly." Sue 
“It exceeded my expectations, Suryacitta always keeps the content simple and understandable” Colin 
"Thank you! I have enjoyed the retreat. It’s a little like stepping out of reality for two days (which feels like a week!). I’ve never experienced anything to compare it with but I’m really happy and chilled with some refreshed strategies for life." Kerry 
"Thank you. I have enjoyed every minute, very beneficial and this helped me understand the challenges in my own practice." Freddie 
"Have enjoyed popping my balloons! The teachings have brought me down to earth again, which is what I needed. Lovely weekend." Penny 
"I really like the pace of the retreats the meditations are a good length and having regular breaks this useful thanks so very much. Thanks both, kind, passionate, humanity your best qualities." Rosella (Verona Italy) 
“Hello Suryacitta, This email brings HUGE THANKS for your presence and teachings last weekend. I could include a long shopping list of the items which worked for me really well, , , , , , ,!! Sam 
"I found your teaching straight forward, down to earth, enjoyed all the metaphors. SOOOO elegant, simple and profound at the same time. Of course much of the dharma is, however you are able to touch the heart of it without an hour long discourse. Cherly  
"I had not heard of you before. A friend posted about the retreat & 
I was in need of some silent time with the collective energy of awareness. 
So I signed up, , , , very happy I did, a powerful retreat for me. Scientists tell us that the sense of smell can trigger very early memories. I am wondering now what the influence of a home town accent is? from one Smoggy to another" K bob 
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