Tranforming Your Core Beliefs Becoming free of your  limiting beliefs  

Core Beliefs 

Many years ago one of my mentors said to me that everybody has a core belief, and it's always negative. I didn't believe her then, but after exploring my own and seeing other people's core beliefs everyday in my work, I agree with her, I do now believe she was correct. You have a core belief and it is running your life, it may even be ruining your life and you don't even know it. We may feel that something in your life isn't quite right but you cannot put your finger on it - well, it's your core belief. 

Examples of Core Beliefs 

Core beliefs are deeply held assumptions about ourselves, the world and other people. They begin to develop from childhood and become embedded in the body, affecting our thinking and behaviour. Have a peek at the list below and just see which one(s) resonate.  
Some examples of core beliefs are: 
I am unlovable  
I am useless 
I am worthless 
I am no good 
I am not good enough 
I am stupid 
The world is a dangerous place 
There is something wrong with me 
People can't be trusted 
I am weak 
I am a failure... 

Discovering Core Beliefs 

Core beliefs are not true, but they feel very true. They feel true because we have not examined them, so we assume they must be true. What is a belief? An unquestioned acceptance of something without evidence. Through dialogue we will explore what your core belief is. There is also a simple exercise for you to do to get a sense of what the belief is. click 
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