Voice Dialogue and meeting your many selves 

This Voice Dialogue Course is run by Suryacitta. Suryacitta has been practising Voice Dialogue for over 15 years 
Cost is £145  
Maximum 12 people 
Ever wondered why you are the way you are; 
Why for example you: 
Find it hard to relax 
Always trying to please others... 
Have difficulty saying no 
Suffer from anxiety 
Don’t speak your mind 
Are critical of yourself and others 
Feel Driven 
Get into bad habits 
Get angry a lot of the time 
Feel a victim 
Find it difficult to trust 
Feel guilty 
8 Weeks Mindfulness Meditation

Online Voice Dialogue 8 week course 

Date: Starts 5th April 2022 
Voice Dialogue online 8 week course 
Online over Zoom - Tuesdays - April 5th, 12th, 19th, May 3rd, 10th, 17th 24th, 31st 
Time: 7pm - 8.30pm 
Price £145 


Voice Dialogue online eight week course 

Each of us have what we can call Sub-personalities – Inner selves which can dominate our life, such as the people pleaser, the inner critic, the controller, the perfectionist and lots more. When these dominate, other sub-personalities, such as the intuitive self, the creative self, the compassionate heart (self), the playful self, the spontaneous self and many more, which can bring balance to our lives can get banished and hidden away. Voice Dialogue is a wonderful and immediate way of accessing all these selves and bringing much-needed balance to our minds and our lives. 
For example if the people pleaser is dominant in your life then the assertive self will be weak. If we are over identified with being responsible for example then the opposite more playful, spontaneous self will be banished or weak.  
We come to identify with these dominant sub-personalites and believe they are who we are.  
Through voice dialogue which is what you will do on this course you will each get a sense of how these dominant selves appeared in your life, how they function and to become free of their tyranny. You will then get a "taste" of the opposite energy, sub-personality which brings freedom and balance. There is no preparation needed for Voice Dialogue, just a willingness to engage and to be open with the group. 
There will be a lot of work around your intuitive self as this is the voice of wisdom and depth and has a unique perspective on your life.  
The Victim 
The Critic 
The Judge 
The Perfectionist 
The Controller 
The Responsible Self 
The Protector 
The Cynic 
The "Good girl" 
The "Good boy" 
The Clown 
The Joker 
The Rationalist 
The Agreeable self 
The Assertive self 
Thje Fearful self 
The Guilty self 
The Shameful self 
The Creative self 
The Beach bum 
The Planner 
The Know all...and so many more 
The list is enormous but we only need work with some of the more culturally dominant selves. None of these selves are bad, they just need to be balanced and be a part of the inner family.  
“This was one of the best courses I have ever participated in. The skilful and excellent facilitation skills of Gaynor and Suryacitta enabled a true experiential introduction and practice into Voice Dialogue. I was amazed at how empowering this process is. Getting to know and hearing what my inner selves have been saying throughout my life’s journey was incredibly powerful. 
I think that everyone should know about and attend this course. It is simply fantastic! 
My journey continues with the use of Voice Dialogue at work and in my everyday life. I am now on the lookout for a buddy so i can get to know my other sub-personalities with compassion and kindness.” DR MARNIE ASTON 
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