Meditation for Stress 

"Not an exaggeration to say that the course has turned my life around in a fundamental way – and for the better. I want to develop the practice of mindfulness further.” David 

Mindfulness for Stress 

The cause of much unhappiness and illness is stress which is why meditation for stress is so important. Not all stress is bad of course as often we need to “stress up” to meet a challenge, and after the challenge ends, then so does the stress. However, the stress that is harmful is the long-term stress. What most of us don’t realise however, is that this stress is, to an extent, created by the mind. Mindfulness for stress can help you target lingering stress and emotional strain caused by long-term stress that resides within your mind. We can help you unwind and improve your wellbeing with effective meditation for stress, both as an online course or at one of our wonderful retreats. 
Meditation for Stress

Meditation for Stress Relief 

"There are many ways to deal with and avoid the building up of stress, too many to mention here." 

But one that I do want to point out is the ability to say no. Many of us have lost our ability to assert ourselves and to say no that’s enough. Then we end up taking too much on and it just builds because we don’t want or can’t say no. 
Meditation for stress relief is a way of opening the valve to the emotions which build up and it can help us cultivate the assertive voice and to create healthy boundaries. 

Meditations and teachings on love, life and the joy of living! 

Ways we can help with stress: 

We will show you how to process emotions 
We will show you how to work with your thoughts and the busy mind. 
We will help you create healthy boundaries 
We will show you how to stay in the present rather than your busy head 
We will show you how to see the causes of stress 
We will show you how to stay grounded when life gets difficult 
"I have enjoyed popping my balloons! The teachings have brought me down to earth again, which is what I needed. Thank you." 
Mindfulness for Stress

Feeling Overwhelmed & Stressed? 

Speak to one of our specialist mindfulness teachers today on 07837 866619 for more information on our courses. 
"Thank you for this opportunity and space to learn mindfulness, not just from the course, but the way you both modeled your own practice and being, Truly uplifting". Glynis 
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