Meditation for Depression 

Mindfulness and meditation for depression is a proven way of helping with depression, at least mild to moderate depression. 
For those suffering severe depression we suggest consulting your doctor before proceeding. 

Mindfulness for Depression 

We all want to know how to be calmer, or as somebody said to me recently, just how do I become a calmer person? I think, particularly when we are suffering from depression or feeling stressed, we want to feel calmer and more contented. Exploring meditation for depression is the first step to soothing your mind and untangling the difficult and painful thoughts that come with it. Mindfulness for depression is a helpful method for unlocking the power of your mind and refocusing your thought patterns. Our courses and retreats in meditation for depression are designed to equip you with the tools for a brighter future and to gain a better understanding of your mind. 
Meditation for Depression

Meditation for Depression 

"Mindfulness is a proven way of helping with depression, at least mild to moderate depression." 

John Kabat Zinn is the secular founding father of Mindfulness in the west. He pioneered research in 1970s into depression and the benefits that mindfulness for depression can bring from his role at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. Most mindfulness research is now derived from this root. 
When we are depressed we are locked into the mind and tend to feel a sense of hopelessness, worthlessness and often guilt to name a few. What we don’t realise is that these are stories we are telling ourselves and with guided meditation for depression we can begin to get a glimpse of what is really happening and begin to free yourselves from these stories. Once we begin to see how the mind is working we naturally become calmer and feel more at ease. 

Meditations and teachings on love, life and the joy of living! 

Mindfulness for Depression - The Benefits: 

A clearer perception of our world 
Being more present with the world as it is here and now 
Increased regulation of our mind, body, emotions and impulses 
Enhanced cognition and clarity of thinking 
Calmer and more measured responses to the world 
Choosing our responses over reacting 
Wiser behavioural actions and responses 
"I had not heard of you before. A friend posted about the retreat & I was in need of some silent time with the collective energy of awareness. 
"So I signed up... very happy I did, a powerful retreat for me. Scientists tell us that the sense of smell can trigger very early memories. I am wondering now what the influence of a home town accent is? From one Smoggy to another." 
K bob 

Upcoming mindfulness courses and meditation retreats 

Mindfulness for Depression

Online Non Dual Mindfulness Course 

Check out this course below 
Non Dual Mindfulness online - Awakening moment by moment - Online eight week course. 
Price £145 over Zoom 
Silent Meditation Retreat

Silent Meditation Retreats over two days 

On-going throughout the year - see below 
Our silent weekend meditation retreats are for individuals wishing to deepen their practice. 
Price £150 in-person 
Price £80 - online 
Saturday Morning Meditation

Saturday Morning Meditation: online & in-person 

Run thoughtout the year - see below 
There will be short talks from Suryacitta followed by 20-minute meditations. 
Price £20 Over Zoom 
Price £25 in-person 
*There are a limited number of reduced fee places. Please choose this option if you are on low pay or unwaged. You can pay by instalments if that helps you financially. 
Meditation for Depression

Feeling Overwhelmed & Stressed? 

Speak to one of our specialist mindfulness teachers today on 07837 866619 for more information on our courses. 
"“Thank you Suryacitta for an inspiring and helpful 8 weeks. I think the impact will last much longer. A lot of food for thought. Thank you for the gentle facilitation. I had never experienced a course of this kind previously where the leader seemed to leave his ego behind. and it works.” Catherine 

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A Mindful Life | Suryacitta | The Happy Buddha
A Mindful Life 
Happiness and How it Happens
Happiness and How it Happens 
Mindfulness and Compassion
Mindfulness and Compassion 
Mindfulness and Compassion
A Mindfulness Teacher's Handbook  
The Happiness & Contentment Handbook
The Happiness & Contentment Workbook 
“A perfect beginners handbook. Absolutely spot on and beautifully designed.” 
Emma Thompson – Oscar winning actress 

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