Uses of Mindfulness 

"Feel I’ve learnt so much without being overloaded with verbal information. I felt you lead the course using your awareness of the group not just following a set structure. And all teaching easily relatable and practical. Feel that what I have learnt has given me a confident foundation. Thank you." Nikki 

When to Use Mindfulness 

With online, on-demand and in person courses, we can help you undertsand the uses of mindfulness, know when to use mindfulness, and kickstart your mindfulness journey. 
Meditation for anxiety

We Can Help With... 

To help you deal with anxiety, fear and other difficult emotions. 

Find the courage to live with uncertainly and get through difficult times 
Live more in the present moment and change how you respond? 
Be kinder to yourself and others? 
Deepen your love and connection to friends and family 
Understand yourself more deeply? 
Free yourself from fear, anxiety, and worry? 
Let go of unhelpful thinking, self-criticism and guilt? 
If so, being part of the Mindfulness Unleashed 24/7 Community can help you. 

Free yourself from anxiety worry and low self esteem 

What do Mindfulness Unleashed Member's Get? 

The programme is suitable for complete beginners and those with experience of mindfulness and meditation 

Live online meditation evening - last Friday of the month 6.30-8pm GMT (if you miss this you will be sent the recordings) 
New video talks uploaded every month  
A new audio guided meditation/contemplation each month 
A year of Buddhism for today. Video teachings on a Buddhist theme every month. (See Below) 
Library of guided meditations ALL downloadable 
Extensive Library of Audio and Video teaching: These are diffrent themes - Core Teachings; Non-Dual Teachings; Living and Dying Teachings, live satsangs. (Over 70 teachings and growing!) 
The programme is suitable for both complete beginners and those with experience of mindfulness and meditation. 
Monthly Membership £9.50 
"I realise I have always seen myself as a doer and felt it’s important to have constant things to do and lists of things for the future. I didn’t allow myself time to be and that means thoughts came in when I was doing other things like sleeping. This has been such a positive experience. It has left me wanting to do more." 

Online Mindfulness & Compassion Courses over eight weeks 

Dates: Running through the year - see below 
Online Mindfulness and Compassion Course. 
Made Plain and Simple for your everyday life - course over eight weekly sessions. Learn to get out of your head and into your life.  
Price £145 
Help! I can't stop thinking

Help! I Can't Stop Thinking - Ten steps to a quiet mind 

Pre-recorded course 
This ten day online pre-recorded course was designed by five time auther Suryacitta. All audios are downloadable. 
"The simple exercises, the straight no nonsense way of explaining why we overthink was mind blowing." 
Thank you. Phil (Australia) 
Price £20.00 
Meeting your intuition

Opening to your natural joy - meeting your intuitive self 

Pre-recorded Course 
This ten day online pre-recorded course was designed by five time author Suryacitta. All audios are doanloadable. 
"I never imagined that I could speak and listen to my intuition in that very simple way. It's life changing!." 
Sally (UK) 
Price £20.00 

Renowned 5-time Author & International Teacher 

  These courses are run by renowned five-time author and international teacher Suryacitta Malcolm Smith. Suryacitta is known for his simplicity and clarity of teaching.   

People come to us for a variety of reasons.  
You may: 
Feel restless in your work and life 
Be looking at the next phase of your life 
Be nearing retirement and feeling unsure about it 
Feel there is still something missing 
Be experiencing existential issues 
Want some spiritual mentoring 
May want to change certain habits such as being a perfectionist or a people pleaser 
Or just want ot talk about anything on your mind where you will not be judged 
Some can learn from a book but most people and this includes Suryacitta and Gaynor learnt it from joining in a course many years ago, run by good experienced teachers. 
Starting a meditation practice 
When we plant a young tree it needs support, it needs tending to and caring for until it can stand alone without support, and becomes self sufficient. Learning meditation is similar. A good guide/teacher is invaluable. Though very simple, mindfulness meditation is subtle, but our minds are complicated. A good guide has walked the path you are walking and he or she can guide you through the errors and cul-de-sacs that you will definitely encounter. 
The quality of your mind affects the quality of your life which includes your health. If we want to grow healthy plants we nourish the earth in which we plant them and all the plants and flowers benefit. They are brighter, stronger and healthier. In the same way mindfulness nourishes your mind. So the whole of your life benefits including your emotional, physical and mental health. Of course we are not talking perfect health just better health. 
Most people start out in meditation by trying to blank their mind, or to calm their thoughts. This is understandable because overthinking can make us unhappy, to say the least. However, through guidance from a good guide or teacher you will come to see that what keeps all this thinking active is your belief, involvement and opposing them. When this begins to be seen your thinking calms down all by itself because you stop "fuelling" them. Then the attention which was taken up by all that thinking is free to move into your senses and to appreciate the moment and all that life brings. 
Absolutely. Gaynor and Suryacitta share with you tools and techniques to help you unhook form anxious thoughts, and to ease the feeling of anxiety in the body. Through a regular practice of mindfulness we can then come to see that we don’t need to believe all our thoughts and experience rest and ease in our lives. We also become more at ease with uncomfortable emotions. 
Between them Suryacitta and Gaynor have over 45 years of experience of mindfulness meditation. At Mindfulness CIC we run not just courses but silent retreats of various lengths to assist this process. However, Suryacitta and Gaynor will show you how to go deeper with your mindfulness in your everyday life. Every moment is your teacher if we know to use theses moments. In the tradition which Suryacitta trained in they say that the world is a mirror reflecting yourself back, and if we know how to look into the mirror of life we grow and grow and experience the joy and wonder of life. 

Feeling Overwhelmed & Stressed? 

Speak to one of our specialist mindfulness teachers today on 07837 866619 for more information on our courses. 
"Just to say that your mindfulness course has had a greater impact on my life than anything I have done before.” 
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