Chakra Dancing and Meditation Day Retreat 

Do you want to laugh, move, release tension and have some fun?  
Come and join us as we "Shake our Chakras" A day of movement, quiet meditation and connection to your body to support relaxation, health and well-being. 

What is Chakra Dancing? 

Chakra Dancing is a beautiful heart centred workout for the mind, body and spirit. Grounding the energy and releasing stress and emotion. Free form Chakra Dancing balances the seven energy centres situated along the spine. Stimulating the natural flow of energy, or Chi, through the chakras. This practice can also help to cultivate intuition and tap into wisdom, as it encourages a deep connection with the body and its innate intelligence. 
This is a powerful gentle journey through your chakras to balance your energy. The dance leads to physical and mental well-being, a work out for everyone from the inside out, leaving you feeling refreshed and focused. 
Chakra Dancing is suitable, for all ages and levels of fitness and physical ability.  
There is no doing it right or a need to be perfect, your don’t need to be a dancer - what a relief! Our intention is that you enjoy being in your own body and trust your own unique way to move to the music.  
Please email or whats app us if your not sure and we can advise. 

What will we be doing? 

The day will combine movement and stillness. 
We will spend the morning dancing our way up from -The root chakra, The sacral, The solar plexus, The heart, The throat, The Third eye and finally to the Crown chakra.  
Each chakra has a different vibration and different music as we exercise and have fun together. 
The afternoon will be spent mediatating and working with the energy that arises. 
A veggie /vegan lunch is provided. 
When you are ready to find out more, we are here to take your call 
Silent Meditation Retreats

Chakra Dancing 

SATURDAY 3rd August from 10am-3.30pm  
The Kuti Newtown Linfofd LE6 0HH - Places limited to 9  
Price £75 in-person only, with Veggie/Vegan lunch included  
Mindful Living Retreats

Chakra Dancing 

SATURDAY 28 September from 10am-3.30pm  
The Kuti, Newtown Linford, LE6 0HH - Places limited to 9  
£75 in person only, with Veggie/Vegan lunch included  

  "a fun, fun, fun day, I did not reaslise I had so much energy" Livvy   

Meditation Retreat

The Ancient Wisdom of the Chakras  

Ancient wisdom has known the power of the chakras for millennia. The importance of connection with our energy body. The subtle tuning in to when and where we flow, as well as where we might be stuck. Noticing where the energy might be stagnant and paying it some attention so that it can soften and release. 
Each chakra corresponds to different aspects of physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. By engaging in movements and mediation we target and activate these energy centers, our intention is to promote healing, balance and alignment within themselves. 
A special Thank you to Lizzie Clifford, who shares and gifts us the music we dance too. We honour your vision and generous heart. 

What people say:  

"A relaxing and energising day. I feel lighter. The lunch was excellent and being with others added to the pleasure. I will be back for the next retreat "  
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