Meditation for Overthinking 

"I tried and tried for years to stop thinking and it never worked. Suryacitta's perspective was so refeshing. It's not about trying to stop thinking, it's the seeing that you don't need to believe them - that's the solution.' Paul 

Mindfulness for Overthinking 

Help! I can’t stop thinking 
Overthinking - the art of creating problems which don’t exist 
There is a condition which I believe goes by the acronym, of OCD, obsessive compulsive disorder. This I am sure can be a very unpleasant condition. We can get psychiatric help for this via a number if different therapies, and that is wonderful. 
However, there is another condition which is far more common but you can’t get conventional help with this, because the doctors, therapists suffer from it too, it is OTD - Obsessive thinking disorder. We could even call is ODTD - Obsessive delusional thinking disorder. 
What this means is that the vast majority - perhaps nearly 100% of us live in our heads, and take all the stories that the mind turns to to be true - that is the delusional part. We spend most of every day listening to the constant chatter of the mind, and it can drive some of us crazy which is why meditation for overthinking is so important. 
Just a simple example, you may be walking through a beautiful park, or driving a car and you are alone, but you are having conversations. The conversation maybe with the boss, your partner, a friend. But as we said you are alone, so where are these conversations taking place? Yes, only in your mind - thinking, thinking, thinking. These conversations, these stories, which are often in the form of disagreements, or fears create emotional states, they feel as real as if the conversation was really happening. This is the case of so much distress and we know it. 
This same mind also judges and criticises, and we don’t want to judge and criticise ourselves or others because it is unpleasant, but we can’t stop it. No matter how much you tell yourself to stop thinking or judging it continues. Trying to stop thinking isn’t the solution. There is a solution and that is what we can help with - mindfulness for overthinking. 
Don’t get me wrong the mind is a incredible creative instrument, it creates great technology, creates cures for diseases, creates beautiful works of art and poetry, but it also creates suffering when not used wisely. 
To get help with this we need to go to somebody who has looked at this issue and seen it for what it is. This is where we come in with our meditation for overthinking. We can help with this incredibly difficult human affliction of overthinking and not knowing how to stop. Trying harder just fuels more thoughts and frustration. 
Meditation for overthinking

Guided Meditation for Overthinking 

"There are many things I could say about how to deal with overthinking - below is just one of them." 

The problem isn't with thinking itself, the problem is that we identify with them, in a sense "we stick to them" like glue. The solution is not trying to stop but to begin to identify thoughts as thoughts, rather than to identify with them. The difference this makes to your well-being and happiness is extraordinary.  
try our Ten Day course in guided meditation for overthinking - HELP! I CAN'T STOP THINKING and begin to find a quieter mind. 

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Show you how to process emotions 
Show you how to work with your thoughts and the busy mind. 
Help you create those healthy boundaries 
Show you how to stay in the present rather than your head 
"I have enjoyed popping my balloons! The teachings have brought me down to earth again, which is what I needed. Thank you." 
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