Online Meditation Classes 

"Wonderful! I can drop-in to these classes from my home in Egypt and follow these simple, straightforward teachings and meditations." Sal 
“It exceeded my expectations, Suryacitta always keeps the content simple and understandable” Colin 

Online Mindfulness Classes 

PLEASE NOTE: All drop in Friday evening classes are both in-person and online  
At Mindfulness Unleashed we offer both in-person and online meditation classes on the last Friday of each month. The in-person and online meditation sessions are run by renowned five-time author and international teacher Suryacitta Malcolm Smith. Suryacitta is known for his simplicity and clarity of teaching and you can experience this from the comfort of your own home with one of our online meditation classes or attend in-person if living nearby. During the in-person and online meditation classes there are teachings from Suryacitta and meditations both guided and unguided. You can bring questions or just sit quietly and listen to Suryacitta teaching on a variety of themes. 

Online Meditation Classes 

Our meditation and mindfulness in-person classes take place on the last Friday of each month. Drop in and join us on our guided meditation session where we cover a range of topics and themes. Our classes have a safe space to engage and interact, so you can ask questions and engage with Suryacitta if you wish to. 
These meditation evenings are free for Mindfulness Unleashed 24/7 members. 
Zoom Meditation Classes

Mindfulness Zoom drop-ins In-Person and Online Last Friday of the Month 18:30 - 20:00 

Date: Next sessions 
25th November 
No Class in December 
18:30 - 20:00 
In-Person and Virtual meditation drop-Ins 
Free for Mindfulness Unleashed 24/7 Members 
£9.50 for Non members 
Cost: is £9.50 for non members 
Cost: Free for mindfulness Unleashed 24/7 members 

Online Mindfulness Evenings - Drop-Ins 

In-Person and virtual meditation drop-Ins - Live and Interactive for all on the last Friday of each month. Whether you are an experienced meditator or a newcomer you are welcome to attend. 
Cost: free for Mindfulness Unleashed 24/7 members  
Cost: £9.50 for non members 
Last Friday of each month 18:30 - 20:00 in person and live over Zoom. 
Please check WORLD TIME BUDDY to check the time where you are around the world. 

These sessions will be recorded so should you miss one you will be sent a recording. 

There will be guided meditations and talks on a variety of themes.  
There will be the opportunity to ask questions and some discussion too. 
"I realise I have always seen myself as a doer and felt it’s important to have constant things to do and lists of things for the future. I didn’t allow myself time to be and that means thoughts came in when I was doing other things like sleeping. This has been such a positive experience. It has left me wanting to do more." 
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