Fountain of Youth - Club  Start your day with meditation or with meditation and movement   The body benefits from movement, the mind benefits from stillness 

Come and join us for the Fountain of Youth - Club. Where we practice the Five Tibetan Rites followed by a guided meditation.  
Or you can join for the 20 minute meditation only - see info link below.  
All sessions are online. You can join for Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 07:25 - 08:00 and/or Saturday 08:25 - 09:00 The sessions are open to complete beginners and those with experience of meditation
What People say 
"The regular live sessions make the movement and meditation easy to schedule in. It's as if they have opened up a space for me! If I'm left to my own devices I forget or think I'm too busy. I am already feeling the benefits." 
"They are really beneficial. I haven’t made it every morning, due to my work rota, but have practised with the recordings that have been sent." 
"What a wonderful teacher. I adored this course and will surely return to it and seek out more from this lovely mentor'. Wendy New York 

The Five Tibetan Rites The Fountain of Youth 

The Five Tibetan Rites also known as The Fountain of Youth are five movements developed by Tibetan Monks in a remote monastery in Tibet, and discovered by Sir Wilfrid Malleson, a British army officer in the 1930s. Sir Wilfrid was surprised at how well and young looking the monks were, and they told him it was because they practised these five rites every day.  
The five Tibetan Rites are not exercises, they are ceremonies or rituals which signify a new phase of life. They take only about 15 minutes to complete so easily fit into a daily routine. They can also be adapted to suit your body's ability. Once you join a separate video will be sent to help you with adaptations. 
As the body ages the bone structure and posture can change dramatically. The back tends to curve forward leading to an an increasingly stooped posture.  
Performing the Rites directly works against this tendency, keeping the body posture open, flexible and upright.  
With aging we tend to begin to lose our balance. The rites include a movement which greatly improves the ability to keep our balance as we age. 
The Fountain of Youth (The five rites) activates what are known as the Chakras, seven energy points in the body. The Five Rites speed up the spinning of the chakras, coordinate their spin so they are in harmony, distribute energy to the endocrine system, and in turn to all organs and processes in the body. This is one of the major requirements for vibrant health, rejuvenation and youthfulness. 
Fountain Of Youth 
Option 1 
All four sessions 
£32.00 Per Month 
No Contract - Cancel Anytime 
Monday - Wednesday - Friday 07:25 - 08:00 
Saturday 08:25 - 09:00 
All Sessions recorded 
Please Note:  
Weekdays we will begin at 07:25 moving slowly through The Five Tibetan Rites. The Meditation will begin at 07:40 should you wish only to attend the meditation. 
Saturdays We will begin at 08:25 and the meditation will begin at 08:40 
Fountain of Youth  
Option 2 
Weekdays Only  
£23.00 Per Month 
No Contract - Cancel Anytime 
Monday - Wednesday - Friday 07:25 - 08:00 
All Sessions recorded 
That £2 a session  
Please Note: 
We will begin at 07:25 moving slowly through The Five Tibetan Rites. The Meditation will begin at 07.40 should you wish only to attend the meditation. 
Fountain of Youth  
Option 3 
Saturdays Only 
Cost £12.00 per Month 
No Contract - Cancel Anytime 
Saturdays Only 08:25 - 09:00 
All sessions recorded 
That's £3 a session  
Please Note:  
We will begin at 08:25 moving slowly through The Five Tibetan Rites. The Meditation will begin at 08:40 should you wish only to attend the meditation. 
Attending Meditation Only Sessions (Online)  You can attend only the meditation sessions should you wish to do so. The sessions are Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.  Weekdays the meditation begins at 07:40 and ends at 08:00 Saturdays the meditation begins at 08:40 and ends at 09:00 Cost is £16.00 a month   You will be sent a Zoom link on signup. 
Please note ~ prices are worked out on the number of sessions we will be teaching. Sessions in the year are 138 for Monday, Wednesday and Friday and 48 for Saturday. 
We will be taking 4 weeks off during the year. Once you join us, we will let you know when these are. 
What Some People Say 
"I have found the sessions really beneficial, after doing the rituals and meditation I feel energised and focused for the day ahead." 
“What I loved about your programme was that it was recorded… as I was surprised by how many days I couldn't be there in person.” 
"I have found I have more energy and love the fact I am sitting down to meditate every morning before work. I am 48 and very fit but obviously not as fit as you two!! ha ha I can see the difference it has already made to my tummy tone! Great. 
"I have really enjoyed the different meditations, like the mountain, mirror, labels, loving kindness."  
Over Zoom 
Weekdays 07:25 - 08:00 Movement begins at 07:25 Meditation begins 07:40 should you wish to attend only the meditation 
Saturdays 08:25 - 09:00 Movement begins at 08:25 Meditation begins at 08:40 should you wish to attend only the meditation 
What Will Happen: 
Suryacitta and Gaynor will guide you through the Five Tibetan Rites (Fountain of Youth) which will take around 15 minutes. This will be followed by a guided 20 meditation.  
Taking care and responsibility for your own body- Going at your own pace: Its really important that you listen to your body. The movement and meditation practice is not about achieving, its your opportunity to be present. There is no race to get to 21 rites and no need to ever exceed this number. By listening to your body you might choose a different number every day! 
Mindfulness Unleashed can not take any responsibility for any injury that you might cause yourself during your practice.  
What You Will Need: 
A yoga type mat is recommended and either a chair or meditation cushion. A quietish space with access to Zoom where you can be undisturbed for 35 minutes.  

A Brief Sample of the Five Tibetans  (Fountain of Youth) 

All sessions will be recorded so should you miss one you can practice later on. 
Why We Are Doing It 
Our aim is to reach as many people as possible and to offer regular movement and meditation which helps with sustaining our practice. Keeping the mind clear and the body healthy. 
NOTE: Your choice - you can keep your camera on or off. 
Set your intention to benefit the body through movement and the mind through stillness.  
The morning routine will help with:  
Establish a regular meditation practice or reinvigorate your present practice 
Learn a very simple regime -Fountain Of Youth - to help balance body and mind 
Become more flexible and increase strength 
Start your day in a positive way with both calm and wisdom 
Other benefits include. 
Better sleep. 
Relief from joint and back pain 
Increase memory 
Promote weight loss 
Improved physical strength. 
Increased endurance and vigour 
The Five Tibetans - Fountain Of Youth - Illustrated by Gaynor and Suryacitta 
All movements can be modified to suit the ability and flexibility of your body. 
1, Spinning Clockwise following the rotation of the universe. This helps with balance. As we age our balance tends to become more and more unsteady. Spinning involves rotation of the body, which can help stimulate the base of the spine and activate the root chakra. This is helpful for grounding and connecting with the physical body.  
The root chakra is associated with survival and stability. 
2, The Root Pushes Through The Ground: Raising and lowering the head and legs. 
Rite number two benefits our core and strengthens the tummy and lower back muscles. This rite is associated with the sacral chakra.  
This chakra is known for enhancing creativity, emotional balance, and sexual energy. 
3, A Stalk is both thin and strong yet it sways and remains standing in the wind. 
As the body ages it tends to close in on itself. This rite stretches the front of the body, opening up the chest and abdomen. This movement is said to stimulate the solar plexus chakra, located in the upper abdomen. 
This chakra is associated with personal power, confidence, and self-esteem. 
4, A River Flows Following The Contours Of The Land. Tipping the head back moving the torso upwards. The fourth Rite brings strength to shoulders and writs and flexibility to the torso. It also stops the development of rounded shoulders. This rite opens up the chest and heart area, which corresponds to the heart chakra. By opening and activating this chakra, the rite may help in cultivating love, compassion, and connection with others. 
5, The Waterfall Spills a Powerful Current Into The Waiting Pool. 
The upward dog stretch pose. This rite stretches the spine, and opens up the throat area, which is associated with the throat chakra. This chakra is associated with improving communication, self-expression, and authenticity. 
In our meditation practice we engage with the energy of the third eye. It is in the centre of the head parallel to the middle of your eyebrows. 
This chakra is associated with intuition, insight, and inner wisdom.  
Finally, the Crown chakra, at the top of the head, this chakra relates to spirituality, consciousness, and enlightenment! 
What people say: 
"I love being in a shared space. The routine greatly helps, it sets me up for the day. My day does flow afterwards." 
"I am finding this very invigorating. I seem to have (even more) energy than usual. A spring in my step. Slightly toned and a few grams lighter. A very good way to start the day." 
"I love the consistency of the sessions. I have found the spinning move the most challenging but that has improved as we have progressed through the days. 
"I was finding the moves a little quick but after slowing them down, they were a lot more mindful, flowing and hard!." 
"Various things have come up like resistance, different emotions, peace, and acceptance. I have enjoyed observing them and knowing they are familiar." 
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