February Challenge Enhancing Mind, Body Balance 

The Five Tibetan Rites and Meditation 29 Day Challenge 

THE IMPORTANCE of setting an intention in practice.  
Any worthwhile achievement begins with intention. Intention is the initial marshalling of energy to experience an adventure, to accomplish what we set out to do. As we follow our intention other energies sometimes arise which are in contradiction to the intitial intention.........this is a growth point.  
Following through on our intention builds character, resilience and overcomes self-doubt. Set the intention; sigh up, join our community for the 29 day challenge.  
PLEASE NOTE: You can do this with your camera on or off, it's entirely your choice.  
Each morning during February from 07:30 - 08:00 UK time Monday to Friday and from 09:00 - 09:30 weekends.  
£1.00 a day  
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Seven Reasons For Challenging Yourself 
1, Establishing a Routine: Starting the day at 7:30 am with The Five Tibetan Rites (Fountains Of Youth) and meditation will set up your day. It will support you to create a routine. Helping you structure your mornings, being disciplined with your practise, giving yourself permission to be patient and persistent with what happens in your body and mind. This consistency over 29 days will improve your productivity throughout each day. 
2, Physical Health: The Five Tibetan's physical postures improve flexibility, strength, and balance. Regular practice can alleviate stiffness, reduce the risk of injury, and enhance overall physical well-being. 
3, Stress Reduction: Engaging in movement and meditation provides an opportunity to center yourself, calm the mind, and reduce stress levels. Breathing techniques and mindfulness cultivated during these practices can alleviate anxiety, promoting a more peaceful state of mind. 
4, Mindfulness and Focus: Daily meditation fosters mindfulness, enhancing focus and concentration. Mental clarity can positively impact decision-making, problem-solving, and productivity throughout the day. 
5, Balance: The Five Tibetan Rites together with meditation encourage self-reflection, aiding in emotional regulation and promoting a greater sense of self-awareness. They also create a sense of mind - body balance. 
6, Community and Support: You will be participating alongside a supportive community, sharing experiences, progress, and challenges. These can provide motivation and encouragement, making the 29 day challenge more enjoyable and sustainable. 
7, To have a go at something new. 
Committing to our 29 day February challenge - with daily morning meditation sessions and the Fountains Of Youth (The Five Tibetan Rites) can and will impact your overall well-being, promoting physical health, mental clarity and emotional balance. It's a mindful way to your own self-care. 
You will receive from us a 29 day challenge tracker on booking to download and print off and to tick off each day we do. this is great for motivation. Should you miss a session with us you will receive a limnk to the recording so you can do it later in the day, thereby keeping your record.  
£1.00 a day 
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2 minute introduction about the challenge  
We will begin very gently and build momentum as we go. But please go at your own pace. Respect your limits and listen to your body. We will be there to support you through the challenge. 

What We Will Do  Each morning during February from 07:30 - 08:00 UK time Monday to Friday and from 09:00 - 09:30 weekends.  We will guide you through the Five Tibetan Rites and finish with a meditation. The five rites take around fifteen minutes then we will end with a 15 minute meditation.   All sessions will be recorded should you miss one. This will enable you to "catch up' should yopu need to do the programme later in the day or even follow a day behind should timings not be suitable.  The 5 Rites are done in a sequences of 21, but we will begin gently with three days of seven repetitions, three days of 14, moving gradually up to 21.   What you will need: You will need a space where you won't be too disturbed. A chair or a matt for meditation and if possible a yoga type mat on which to do the Five Tibetan Rites.  PLEASE NOTE: Please respect your body's limits. Go to your "soft edge" of discomfort not any further. By signing up you agree to take full responsibilty for your self. Mindfulness Unleashed cannot take any responsibilty for any harm you cause yourself.     

£1.00 a day 
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The Five Tibetans -Fountain Youth - Illustrated by Gaynor and Suryacitta 
1, Spinning Clockwise following the rotation of the universe. This helps with balance. As we age our balance tends to become more and more unsteady. The first rite address this very issue. 
2, The Root Pushes Through The Ground: Raising and lowering the head and legs. 
Rite number two benefits our core and strengthens the tummy and lower back muscles. 
3, A Stalk is both thin and strong yet it sways and remains standing in the wind. 
As the body ages it tends to close in on itself. Rite number three opens up the middle body area keeping heart open to the world. 
4, A River Flows Following The Contours Of The Land. Tipping the head back moving the torso upwards. The fourth Rite brings strength to shoulders and writs and flexibility to the torso. It also stops the development of roundered shoulders. 
5, The Waterfall Spills A Powerful Current Into The Waiting Pool. 
The upward dog stretch pose. This works the whole body. Opening, stretching and strengthening. 
£1.00 a day  
Who The Challenge Is For 
The February monthly challenge is for you if you want to: 
Establish a regular meditation practice or reinvigorate your present practice 
Learn a very simple regime -Fountain Of Youth - to help balance body and mind, which takes only 15 minutes a day. 
Want to become more flexible and increase strength 
Want to start your day in a positive way with both calm and wisdom 
It is open to complete beginners and those with experience. 
The 5 Tibetans done regularly are said to enhance: 
Better sleep. 
Relief from joint and back pain 
Improve balance 
Increase memory 
Promote weight loss 
Improve physical strength. 
Increase endurance and vigour 

What are the Five Tibetan Rites 

The Five Tibetan Rites or Fountains Of Youth are a series of simple yoga exercises believed to have originated in the Himalayas over 2,500 years ago. They are often referred to as a form of “youthful essence” practice due to the benefits attributed to them.  
The rites consist of a sequence of movements and poses designed to stimulate and balance the body’s energy centers, or chakras, promoting physical and mental well-being. The exercises typically involve gentle spinning, leg lifts, very gentle backbends, and other stretches. Practitioners claim that performing these rites regularly can enhance energy, flexibility, and overall vitality. 
The Fountains Of Youth were brought back to the West by a British army officer Peter Kelder whilst travelling in Tibet in 1939. He was surprised at how healthy and young looking the monks and nuns were!. 
£1.00 a day 
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