written by Samantha Hall 
What’s at the end of the rainbow? by Sam Hall 
I have always loved reading but had never considered writing, so was as surprised as anyone to hear myself announcing, in late 2018, how I was going to write a children’s fantasy adventure story in which I could share my passion for mindfulness
It was also a surprise as I had recently completed a Mindfulness Teacher Training Course - which had culminated in a fulfilling weekend workshop in London at the home of the Tutor - so the next step would have been to start teaching. 
But one wintry evening as I sat sketching an array of colourful characters, an idea took hold. These brightly-coloured characters in front of me - who I had started to name in alliterative style and give personalities to in line with colour psychology/chakra colours - would be perfect vehicles through which to teach and share. And where better to start than with children – sowing the seeds at an early age could alleviate so many years of self-suffering. 
That is how ‘What’s at the end of the rainbow?’ was born, and 2 years later in December 2020 after much writing, re-writing and editing, was self-published. 
The story tells the tale of Sabrina, 8 who is asked by her grandma to look at some picture-book characters she drew and to ‘bring them to life.’   She soon comes face-to-face with two of these characters, who are not only life-size but also speak!  To help Sabrina with the initial shock of their presence, they introduce her to mindful-breathing. She then accompanies them to their home – Rainbow’s End – via a drawing of a rainbow on the shed.  Her brother, Sebastian 11 – who normally doesn’t have time for her – also joins in the adventures. 
But there is danger in the air. Is it from Freddie, the teenager secretly spying on them? or is there a darker force at work? And will the children learn who to trust before it is too late – not just for them but for everyone on Planet Earth? 
Available via Amazon in paperback and ebook format - www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08PPW2SPW 
It is suitable for children 8-11 years to read independently though when writing could imagine parents reading it to children 5+. There are insights for all weaved within the fun and adventure which has been enjoyed by children and adults alike. 
Not teaching immediately was the right decision – writing this book taught me a lot about myself and my practice and only increased my conviction to share the benefits of being awake to all aspects of our lives, through writing and teaching. This, in turn, led me to discover Mindfulness CIC and attend Surryacitta and Gaynor’s inspirational Teacher Training Weekend in late 2019 - which really ‘does what is says on the tin’ and gave me the tools with which to start teaching simply and elegantly. Being part of the Unwind the Mind community is a treat as well as a constant source of inspiration for my poetry! 
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