By Dr Liz Sparkes 
Your body holds a lot of answers, a lot of wisdom. All of the experiences that we have, people we meet, and the things we are told create a series of reactions within the body. Spending so much time in the mind often reduces the amount of awareness we have about how our body is responding to the environment. 
The wisdom of the body
Emotions that we find too tough to process at the time take themselves into the body. Trapped emotions might show themselves in the form of a discomfort, or even pain, or we may be completely unaware until we begin to explore. 
During meditation, we can begin to explore ‘unsound’ somethings within the body. Sometimes this might begin with something as subtle as a little discomfort in the lower leg, or sometimes a grander issue may present itself like a pain in the lower back. During meditation sessions, we don’t work with anything that someone isn’t ready to explore. 
The practice begins with bringing gentle awareness to the area of the body where the ‘unsound’ something presents itself. The process is an unfolding of what is there. Emotions, sensations, a growing awareness of how the body feels. Never trying to change the experience, not trying to fix. When we try to fix things in this circumstance it can create resistance and more discomfort. Allowing what is there to be felt and seen at its own pace is the key. 
When an emotion arises, and this may be quickly or after much practice, it is the process of being with that emotion and allowing yourself to feel it and move through it that creates change. Just sitting and feeling it, allowing yourself to completely surrender to it. Not easy by any means but it is often the path towards more ease in life. Holding emotions at arm’s length creates much discord. However, we need to be in the right place to allow this exploration. 
Some people become quite surprised at what they experience, and may even quickly feel some sort of resolve and change. While others may find that they need to revisit this process and area within the body many times before a change starts to take place. There needs to be a certain amount of trust and commitment in the process, letting go of the need to control and question. Giving in to the wisdom of the body. 
Dr Liz Sparkes 
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