by Suryacitta 
It seems to me that whenever I listen to the news, read a newspaper a good portion of the news is somebody blaming somebody else. To me, it looks like the art of politics is who can blame the other party most eloquently. 
No More Blame
We all know that blaming others creates tension and even war between nations. 
It appears we are taught that if something is not to our liking then somebody else is responsible. If we are criticised we often blame the other person for making us feel bad. Or alternatively, we may blame ourselves. 
Our attention normally goes OUT THERE to find the source of pain. This keeps our minds very busy trying to work it all out. 
So how to end this cycle of BLAME? 
Well, we need to be willing to turn our attention from the external world to the internal. We need to feel the hurt that is beneath the anger of blame. 
It is very easy to blame others – it is actually very lazy. It means we don’t have to take responsibility for our actions. 
When we take our attention from our thoughts about who said what, and to feel the underlying hurt, our minds begin to calm down and we have more clarity about what to do in any situation. 
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