Long-Covid - How mindfulness is helping by John Cooper 
Fatigue, anxiety and loss of concentration are just a few of the lasting effects of long-Covid. 
I own a web design company, It’seeze Leicester, and I’m tired. But only sometimes. After having Covid-19 back in December 2019, I have experienced a whole range of symptoms including feeling very fatigued combined with low levels of concentration. There isn’t a cure for it yet – you simply have to manage your symptoms. 
I did a mindfulness and compassion course with Suryacitta and Gaynor back in 2018 and have reignited my mindfulness practice to help manage my long-Covid symptoms. It’s been hugely beneficial. I can relax more easily, don’t get as stressed or anxious with the usual stuff and if I need help, it’s there when I need it, both via Mindfulness Unleashed and regular in person drop-ins. 
Knowing I can reach out and ask for help really makes a difference. And knowing where to find that help comes from being open and talking about my challenges. There would have been times when I would have just got on with things and kept how I was really feeling bottled up. 
Since having Covid, my mindset has shifted. I’m eating healthily, taking calming breaths, and taking breaks and pausing in my day – all of these have helped to manage the effects of long-Covid. 
I was in hospital recently for a few days (not Covid-related) and one thing that came out of sharing a ward with four other people was the strength of community and sharing. By learning to share our fears and our tears together, as well as laughter and companionship, we arrived as patients and left as friends. 
Mindfulness has made me a better, calmer person. I’m not sure where my journey will take me, but mindfulness is now part of my make-up, who I am. I love talking to people who have never experienced the benefits of what mindfulness can offer and what it’s done for me. 
Will my long-Covid be ‘cured’? No one knows the answer to that, but long-Covid too is now part of who I am. I simply know that mindfulness helps me manage it to the point where even on an off day, I’m still happy and content. 
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