Fall Awake by Samantha Hall 
Experience it all in a lifetime 
It – who and what we truly are 
Infinite Treasures of love in all it’s expressions 
- compassion, gratitude, ease, joy, ecstasy, peace 
This life is our playground, our place of learning, 
all these expressions our bounty to put into practice 
to protect, nurture, nourish and they in turn, will return the favour, returning us to the one true state of who we are - 
at one with our surroundings and those we share this 
given time and space with 
This process is taking place whether we are aware or not 
but being aware, feeling it all, in it’s entirety is to recognise these expressions as the treasures they are 
The treasures we are, without the separation of me, me, me 
and the fear this state unleashes 
Fall awake, experience it all in a lifetime, it – who and what we truly are. 
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