by Stewart Stevens 
What does the word mindfulness mean to you? 
Is it something you are or something you do. 
A mindfulness Poem By Stewart Stevens
Is it an adjective or is it a verb? 
Or is it quite simply just a word. 
You can spend your time living in your head, 
And not even remember the words you’ve just read. 
You’re walking along with your head in the clouds 
And all you can hear are your thoughts shouting loud. 
So next time you find yourself walking along 
And you’re reliving the day, and what has gone wrong. 
Take a moment and find time to pause, 
Stop all your worries about all your flaws. 
Your thoughts are transitory and nothing more 
So leave them behind as you walk out the door. 
Take time to be mindful of all that you do 
Just open your eyes and enjoy the view. 
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