Coaching for Grief & Loss 

The stress of work can often seriously impact your capacity and motivation to fulfil your role, and reduce your performance. 
The good news is that often the route back to a healthy equilibrium is not as far away or arduous as it may currently seem.  
"The confidence, joy and spaciousness Gaynor brings into the coaching process is a breath of fresh air that opens up brilliant windows of possibility! " Anne 

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Sometimes in life we can suddenly and often unexpectedly begin to experience a resistance to our usual way of working. It can seem like a huge struggle to complete our everyday tasks. 
Often this arises when a ‘change’ or new life event arises and adds to the stress, pressure and responsibilty we are already under from our work.  
Individuals with high levels of responsibility can be reluctant to seek help - as they feel they should be able to ‘hold it together’. This is usually in contradiction to what they really need to do. 
Seeking help at such times can help the individual and the organisation overcome what may be a barrier to their success at both levels. 
The most common cause of stress, is work reated stress ,with 79% saying the frequently felt it. (Statistica)  
1 in 14 UK adults, 7%, feel stressed every day at work (CIPHR)  

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A new boss - can leave us subject to different management styles, support and expectations of what we should be doing. 
A change of culture - change is natural in business can change quickly for a variety of reasons we can't control - forcing us to adapt, before we ready. 
A change in role and what is expected of us, requiring a new outlook and a different set of pressures. 
A key figure in our team may change, either removing those who support us, or introducing those who don’t. 
When you are ready to find out more, we are here to take your call 

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The coaching space gives you the opportunity to acknowledge your own uncertinty and practice small steps safely before you commit to bolder action 
The coaching relationship supports a deeper persepctive and reflective learning 
Building self-compassion and self-care pratices supports you and impacts those you are in relationship with 
By focusing on your strengths, you get to be who you are -not what you should be. 
This creates more ease. Ease creates, confidence and unlocks possiblities and potential, giving you access to your own creativity 
Reigniting your purpose and realigning your uninque strengths empowers you to live in the momment more often, and live your own life with more freedom and awarness 

“Gaynor has a friendly and personable style that made me feel instantly at ease, valued, and calm. We explored how I could approach Board development with my trustees, and also how I could improve my own resilience and wellbeing. Being a charity CEO is a lonely and demanding job, and the pressure can make it difficult to trust your own judgement when things get tough. The impact of the sessions, for me, has been profound. Gaynor has shown me how to have faith in my capability, my judgement, and my vision. She listened intently and unpicked for me my true feelings and helped me find my true North.  Gaynor was able to identify key messages from what I was saying, and pin down exactly the things that sparked joy for me. From there, she has helped me create a plan of action which feels both achievable and exciting. I would recommend Gaynor’s coaching to anyone – even if you don’t really feel that coaching would be helpful, I can promise working with Gaynor will make you feel you can take on anything!"   Fran Francis, Charity CEO - Sheffield UK  


1. Book a 15 minute Introductory call by filling your details in the form opposite 
2. Meet with us to get a feel of whether working with us is a good fit for you. 
3. Book a package of sessions to suit your needs at a time that suits you. 
Once coaching begins you will receive free Membership of Mindfulness Unleashed 24/7 for the duration of coaching. 
Simply fill in the form, and we’ll get back to you within two working days. If there is a preferred day and time, please let us know.  

“Gaynor really helped to me develop self-awareness and confidence and helped me to start making decisions. She combined expertise with compassion and sensitivity. She encouraged me to be kinder to myself and to understand my own strengths and use them!"  Matthew Jones, Contract Manager, Liverpool  Being coached by Gaynor has allowed me to see whay I really want to achieve and to test how realsitic it is. This alone has given me so much clairty, then we went beyond to create plans taht align wiht my ambition. Iam now givning my time where it creates most impact.  Saahera Mohamed ,Trustee, Leicester  


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