Mindful Coaching & Mentoring 

Are you feeling tired, stuck, trapped or confused about your future? 
Want to experience yourself more deeply? 
Seeking balance and know you need to prioritise your own self care? 
Wellbeing and Mindful Coaching will give you the space to explore, experiment and get practical as you design a life of more purpose and greater ease. 
"Gaynor helped me see the blind spots I so mindlessly ignored my entire life, and she helped me get in touch with those parts within me that were so desperate for my attention. I feel whole and deeply connected with myself again. Thank you so much, you are incredible! Silvia Zager, Luxembourg 

Mindful Coaching  

Most of us are searching for more meaning, yet we’re not sure what to do, how to move forward. Are you getting an intuitive whisper of awareness of something new or a hint of recognition that you are caught in a painful wind of change? You are probably tired of bumping up against your resistance and yearn to sense more deeply and access your intuitive voice. To find out more about our mindful coaching options or to book onto one of our courses, then get in touch with us today!  
Our wellbeing and mindful coach training can support you to be at ease with all of you - the parts you know and are familiar with as well as those that you feel trapped by or are currently hidden. Coaching for mindful and wellbeing can help you get creative, find your own balance, and utilise your own unique strengths. You will build the capacity to stay more freely in your heart, use your instinct wisely and know more clearly when you’re lost in the swirl of over thinking that can paralyse your commitment to action. Get in touch with us today to find out more or to book onto a mindful coaching session - you don't want to miss out! 
Our mindful coaching will be delivered by Gaynor Quilter, co-founder of Mindfulness CIC. She has worked in charities for over 35 years, principally with young people. She was CEO of Alone in London and Apex Works. She was Director at Young Minds, Parentline Plus and Macintyre Care. 
Mindful coaching

Be your strengths, be all of you! 

Are your ready to put your focus on your strengths to achieve more of what you want with greater ease? 
Are you a manager juggling change and uncertainty, need to-step back and gain greater perspective on what’s next? 
Do you need to reignite your purpose and realign your own strengths to enable you to increase your possibilities and enjoy the opportunities that arise? 
“Gaynor really helped to me develop self-awareness and confidence and helped me to start making decisions. She combined expertise with compassion and sensitivity. She encouraged me to be kinder to myself and to understand my own strengths and use them!." 
Matthew Jones, Contract Manager, Liverpool 
“Gaynor has a friendly and personable style that made me feel instantly at ease, valued, and calm. We explored how I could approach Board development with my trustees, and also how I could improve my own resilience and wellbeing. Being a charity CEO is a lonely and demanding job, and the pressure can make it difficult to trust your own judgement when things get tough. The impact of the sessions, for me, has been profound. Gaynor has shown me how to have faith in my capability, my judgement, and my vision. She listened intently and unpicked for me my true feelings and helped me find my true North. Gaynor was able to identify key messages from what I was saying, and pin down exactly the things that sparked joy for me. From there, she has helped me create a plan of action which feels both achievable and exciting. I would recommend Gaynor’s coaching to anyone – even if you don’t really feel that coaching would be helpful, I can promise you a session with Gaynor will make you feel you can take on anything!" 
Fran Francis, Charity CEO - Sheffield UK 
“Gaynor clearly showed her experience and ability to quickly understand my situation and overall circumstances. She spent time getting to understand my skills and strengths and was able to identify many that had not occurred to me, and that I wouldn’t have been able to see and appreciate without her involvement. She was able to use this knowledge to then develop a practical and workable plan that was achievable and could work to my benefit and genuinely develop my role. At the end of the process I felt very positive, had a real sense of my own worth and what I was capable of doing, and most importantly was much better equipped to progress. “ 
Michael Moreton Director of Service Delivery, Community Advice and Law Service 
Mindfulness for coaches

“Change is a natural process when we don’t resist it- it flows!” 

Are you in the mist of transition and change, searching for balance and in need of action around self-care? 
Are you tired, wired and anxious. feeling buffeted by the many stresses of life at home and or work. 
Are you struggling with a loss, a changed role, learning to be with what has arrived - bereavement, redundancy, retirement, the menopause, becoming a carer? 
I have found I enjoy life more by understanding myself better. I am aware of my own thoughts and feelings and see clearly how I can positively change the way I see my life to be happier and healthier. I feel stronger and am dealing with difficult situations. I feel that part of being mindful and the way Gaynor’s coaching has helped me is to allow myself to see the present moment - this has given me courage to learn. Mindfulness has become part of my everyday life. I have struggled with mental and physical difficulties but to learn from Gaynor has had a huge impact on me. 
Gaynor showed me such emotional regulation and sensitivity toward my needs. I felt her drive and absolute passion to help me." 
Helen Nixon - Shield Maiden Rochdale UK 
“Gaynor is a masterful coach who uses mindfulness to quickly and gently engage the heart of the matter. I am always amazed at how deeply and gently Gaynor is able to guide me through a particular challenge. She is profoundly present, kind and compassionate and these qualities allow me to bring whatever is needed to the table. Gaynor has a unique gift of tapping into the body and listening deeply to what is present. Her somatic work can help shift stuck places that the mind cannot get to. When Gaynor is supporting you know you can trust the process and let go to see what might be waiting for you on the other side of any difficulty or situation. The confidence, joy and spaciousness she brings into the coaching process is a breath of fresh air that opens up brilliant windows of possibility. I highly recommend her!” 
Susan P Counsellor, Pennsylvania, USA 
Voice dialogue

Voice dialogue and body awareness work 

Your'e searching for deeper meaning, greater self-awareness through understanding where they get stuck in old patterns of behaviour that no longer serve your life, or you are looking to explore a new approach to your present issue or problem. 
Your struggling, knowing there are blind spots causing you distress in relationship to yourself and other family members or colleagues. 
You’re ready to be courageous and creative and listen to all of you. Your ready to use voice dialogue and somatic (body) awareness. 
“The mindful coaching approach Gaynor takes is a very different one to programmes I’ve experienced before. Gaynor takes you on a deeper and more thorough examination of yourself rather than just looking at select issues. I felt the impact very quickly which had a positive effect but is also really useful for the long term and for all aspects of life. A fascinating, helpful and insightful journey.” 
Sharon McKee SEM communications, Newcastle UK 
"I want to thank you for all the work you have done. Your kind, confident and supportive approach has always put me at ease and allowed me to have the confidence to be fully open throughout the process. Everything we’ve done has been truly life changing for me and I feel I finally have the confidence to accept and love my true self (or selves!!). If I’m honest, when you first told me about Voice Dialogue it really scared me! I thought I’d be going back in time to previous lives and trying to connect with them. How wrong I was! All I really wanted to do was to explore “me” in the now and figure out what on earth was going on. And that’s exactly what we did. For many years, I swung like a pendulum between over confidence and low self esteem, feeling pure happiness and then crippling depression. I knew I had different sides to myself and I shut most of them away because they weren’t accepted by others, or by me! By talking to each side, including the ones I didn’t “like” or even felt afraid of, I began to understand them more and by listening to what they had to say you taught me they each had something to offer me. They all have a strong message and, at their core, only want the best for me. By listening to them they each gave me a gift of advice or wisdom. I began the process by thinking I wanted to be one of my selves 100% of the time and if I could just make all the others go away I’d finally be happy. 
I now understand that each of those sides of me can be called upon in different situations and the beauty is that when I listen to them they do truly give amazing insight. It’s like having all your friends over for a cuppa and them all giving you advice on the situation at hand - the advice is all different and you can choose which you go with! I’m feel like I am in control now." 
Catherine Bowers, Loughborough UK 
"Through the coaching sessions with Gaynor, I have gained an increased awareness of my personality: what is driving me, what is holding me back. Through voice dialogue, I have learned to notice my triggers and the way I talk to myself. With this awareness, an opening is created for choice: how do I want to talk to myself? How can I be more compassionate instead of more critical? How do I want to show up in the world? Another important aspect is learning the wisdom the body has for us. It knows so much, if only we stop to listen. All of this starts a process of change towards better stress management, more clarity on what is important. The change I have seen in myself is an opening towards self-acceptance and an increased openness and curiosity instead of hard judgement. I recognise my emotions and thought processes, which allows me to deal with them and grow." 
Alessandra Bortolussi, Venice, Italy 
Gaynor Quilter mindful coach

What's the approach Gaynor takes? 

Gaynor works with clients with their present moment experience. Through the application of mindfulness-based practice, somatic and voice dialogue techniques, as well as management and coaching methods, Gaynor will support and challenge you to gain new perspectives on your present issue or concern. 
She will help you to see how your thinking processes impact your behaviours and thoughts and how thoughts can limit your belief in yourself. 
Gaynor encourages you to access parts of yourself that you are familiar with and those that you have been hiding from or resisting. This might be your courageous part, assertive self, your active self, successful self, confident self, compassionate heart, self-doubt, self-critic, the part that feels never good enough. This enables greater self-awareness and builds on your strengths which leads to change and opens up an avenue of choices that you can put into action and feel the difference in the way you live your life 
You will learn to be more comfortable and confident with the uncertainty of change in your work and personal life, to get active in the transition, generating the commitment, designing the action needed and feeling the impact and sharing this with others. 

"Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their personal and professional potential" defined by the International Coaching Federation

Will Gaynor resonate with me - what has she learnt from her own life? 

Gaynor builds relationships easily. She works in a practical, creative and visionary way, so that you see, feel and experience the difference in your everyday life. 
Gaynor has always had a keen sense of needing balance all her life: the bridge between her rational mind, her knowing heart, and her intuitive self. 
Gaynor's coaching approach has developed through her own experience of needing to get creative and purposeful in working with her “pusher - just do it” energy. It helped make her successful but became a threat to her own well-being. The practice of mindfulness and compassion has helped her “rewire” and harness her “pusher” energy rather than being driven by it. 
Gaynor started practicing mindfulness after the death of her Mum, she built a practice that has helped her steer, navigate and explore all the many emotions that arise and to appreciate the depth of her own sadness. Her somatic practice has allowed her to go back to the early loss of her Dad and release the stagnate energy that she has held in her body. Staying open to life is challenging, but it has given her immense strength to live her life from a place of choice and more ease. 
Gaynor has a dyslexic self, she affectionally calls her "misfit". This is what drew her to work for social justice causes that touched her heart. She experiences her vulnerability daily and this helps her connect to others. 
Gaynor has worked in charities for over 35 years, as a resettlement worker, hostel manager and as a CEO for over 16 years at Alone in London and Apex Works. 
Gaynor Quilter
She led on two successful mergers, securing the future of services. She has led on a wide range of change management programmes, including a good to GREAT 3-year programme. She has led on the transformation of support into strength and wellbeing coaching at Action Homeless. She has held governance roles in different national and international charities for over 25 years. She is currently a founder and Chair of Reaching People Consortia. She co-founded Be Mindfulness Now Community Interest company in 2013. 
international coaching federation
Mindful coach

Interested in exploring this approach? 

If so, get in touch with me on +44 7837 866 619 or email gaynor@mindfulnesscic.co.uk 
We can set up a zoom call and you can explore if Mindful and Wellbeing Coaching can help you clarify your agenda and the impact you seek. 

Call or email me today 

Ready to take the next step? 

Choose to live your purpose and to know and enjoy the impact this has in your everyday life. My inspiration for coaching is drawn from Angel Koyo Williams who said, “Love is spaciousness, developing our own capacity of spaciousness within ourselves to allow others to be as they are.” 

Accreditation ICF (International Coaching Federation) 

Gaynor is a student of the Mindful Coaching School and accredited to the International Coaching Federation. 

Where will the coaching take place? 

Mindful and wellbeing coaching is provided at Newtown Linford, Leicestershire LE6 or via zoom, to suit the needs of the individual, team or organisation. 

What’s the investment? 

A coaching session lasts 60 minutes. Voice dialogue sessions are 90 minutes. There is a discount if you pay for 6 sessions in advance. These need to be taken in a 6 month period. Please whats app or email me for my rates.  
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