The Buddhist Dog Walker Dogwalking and Day Care in Newtown Linford, Woodhouse, Markfield, Quorn, Groby, Rothley and other local areas. 

Dog Walking in Leicestershire 


I offer dog walking, and doggy day care services in the following locations. 
Newtown Linford, Woodhouse, Quorn, Markfield, Rothley, Groby and nearby areas.  
A little about myself - Suryacitta Malcolm Smith 
My name is Suryacitta Malcolm Smith I am an ordained Buddhist, author and meditation teacher based in the village of Newtown Linford, Leicestershire, where I live with Gaynor my wife and our blind Border Collie Bankei (10000 blessings), in the picture opposite. 
I used to train dogs, but my mindfulness and meditation work took over about 10 years ago. Though my main occupation is still teaching I now do less and so I have decided to take up dog walking and doggy day care again.  
I run a podcast called Walking Into Wisdom - Reflections of a Buddhist Dog Walker These are free bite-size reflections and stories I deliver live over WhatsApp whilst walking Bankei. These have been inspired by our Bankei and how he handled losing his sight. You can listen over Apple Podcasts, Audible and YouTube etc. 
Please see below for more information about walking and prices. 
Contact Details:  
WhatsApp Call or Text 07908957100 
Bankei before he lost his sight 

WALKING YOUR DOG  Whilst I get to know your dog he/she will be kept on a lead until I am confident of the recall. I can develop the recall should you so wish, along with other basic commands.  I can collect your dog(s) from your home and deliver him or her back safely. I can check they have fresh water and anything you wish for them.   If your dog has got muddy I will do my best to clean him or her before allowing him or her to enter your home.  Please make sure your dog is microchipped and vaccinations are up to date.  PLEASE NOTE: Your dog's safety is paramount. I do not walk packs of dogs together. I walk only one or two dogs at a time unless they are from the same household.   PRICE:  £16 for one dog for 60 minute walk/attention £22 for two dogs   

DOGGY DAY CARE  Day care is normally provided in our home. Though if necessary I can come to yours as Bankei's mummy works from home and will take care of him. We have a large house with a big enclosed garden and we are literally two minute walk from Bradgate Park and three minute walk from many large open fields. Bankei visits both of these places three time a day.   The first day care is half price to see if your dog is ok and to put your mind at ease. Alternatively you can visit with your dog and see for yourself.   We take only one dog in at a time unless from the same household so your dog(s) will be the only dogs here apart from our Bankei who is very friendly. He just needs to sniff a little at first because of his blindness.   PRICE:  £25 per day includes up to three walks and lots of love We do up to 7 days dog care which can be arranged  

Cooling off 
Gaynor with Bankei and Jaya who is sadly no longer with us. 2018 
Jaya being very protective of his ball 2020 
Walking in the local woods with my boys 2021 
Far end of our garden in winter. The building you see is a kuti - meditation space  
Some local fields 2022 
Stanley who stayed with us often, sadly no  
longer with us 

What People Say 

"Our little Ivan stayed with Suryacitta for a week and when we returned from holiday there was out beloved little Ivan already at home and in great shape. Thank you Suryacitta" Betty 
"We were looking for a good dog walker and we heard of this Buddhist guy with a strange name, and I must say when meeting Suryacitta it was obvious he knew dogs. Our little Lucy was so very comfortable with him." Phil 
"Highly recommended." Sue 
Contact Details 
Contact Details: 
Call or Text 07908957100 
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