Mindfulness at Work 

Mindfulness day retreats for your team 

Our mindfulness at work courses aim to meet the specific needs of individuals, teams and your organisation. 
“I think you are an excellent teacher. The Meditation space was delightful and quiet and what a great way to spend a day with my team." Kim, Leicester University 

There is research and a growing evidence based on the health and wellbeing benefits 

Mindfulness at Work 

Mindfulness at work can offer a wealth of benefits and help make your working experience calmer, more efficient and more productive. Our applied mindfulness approach has been tested and focuses on seeking a way in which being more mindful becomes a way of being and working, not just a concept or idea.  
Effective for both employees and employers alike who wish to cultivate a positive environment within the workplace. This directly impacts working practices and workplace mindfulness and can help lead to fewer sick days, happier staff and a happy working environment using the power of mindfulness. 
Our mindful workshops, courses and one-to-ones and coaching explore how to apply workplace mindfulness to daily work life. We have a set of mindful attitudes that can be used. We share informal and formal mindfulness practices and other useful tools and techniques that are focused on work and life integration. 
For individuals the increased self-awareness is the opportunity for learning, growth and development. 

Workplace Mindfulness 

These benefits include: 
A clearer perception of our world 
Being more present with the world as it is here and now 
Increased regulation of our mind, body, emotions and impulses 
Enhanced cognition and clarity of thinking 
Calmer more measured responses to the world 
Choosing our responses over reacting 
Wiser behavioural actions and responses 
* Please ask if you are interested in knowing more. There is lots to share! 
The impact of meditation at work has also led to reduced sick leave, improved performance and happier, more productive staff. 
For more details or to talk about a retreat that meets your company needs, email gaynor@mindfulnesscic.co.uk or ring her on 07837 866619 

Our workshops, courses, retreats, one-to-ones, coaching explore how to apply workplace compassionate mindfulness to daily work life. 

How we can help - What we can deliver: 

What we can and have delivered: 
Wellbeing and resilience workshop 
Mindfulness at work +setting up weekly team and organisational drop -ins 
How to be more compassionate in the workplace 
Compassionate Leadership and personal retreats 
Organisational and team building away days 
Pre-recorded courses and workshops for you to use across your business 
Building a self-sustaining mindfulness culture. This is done through training the facilitators and providing ongoing supervision and resource materials. 
Mindful, somatic and wellbeing coaching.  
We do run taster sessions. There are about assessing mutual fit.  
We are non-academic, down to earth and every day in our approach. Whilst we are invovled in and know the lattest research, all our workplace mindfulness sessions are experiential. The evidence base we use is the evidence of participants own experience. We know this can be challenging for some people, but we have fun in the moment and there is always lots of learning from unexpected places and the impact lasts. 
Mindfulness at Work
Get in touch: 
If what you need is not here, just ask. To discuss what your company needs, and the outcome measures required to justify your investment contact gaynor@mindfulnesscic.co.uk or complete the form below. 
“It was a revelation to see how powerful and beautiful can be the use of metaphors and stories to convey meaning. They cut through confusion like lots of words never could.” Dan, Leicester University  
"I have definitely adopted the personal workflow system. I am also ensuring that I listen to my body signalling that I am tired, thirsty etc. and exercising self-compassion - realising that in the long run this makes me more productive rather than less." 
Rebecca, Charnwood BC  
Workplace Mindfulness

Where and how are they delivered? Our courses and one to ones are held in-person or live and online, at a venue of your choice or in Leicestershire, UK. 

Who is sharing the training and learning? 

Suryacitta Malcolm Smith and or Gaynor Quilter will be running the events. Suryacitta is the author of five books on Mindfulness and Compassion and is known as the teacher's teacher. He has over 30 years of experience and is one of the most experienced and innovative teachers in the UK. He teaches in the UK, Europe and Australia. He is renowned for his intuitive approach to teaching. 
Gaynor has been practicing mindfulness since 2005 and runs events and retreats alongside Suryacitta. Along with being a mindfulness practitioner and teacher she is an accredited international coach with the ICF. 
Get in touch: 
If what you need is not here, just ask. To discuss what your company needs, and the outcome measures required to justify your investment contact : Gaynor@mindfulnesscic.co.uk 

Creating a Compassionate Culture 

Our creating compassionate culture program has been designed for individuals and teams who need to develop ways of working that are supportive, engaging and inclusive. 
Our model is comprehensive and dynamic and impacts on many levels, but always starts with the self. It is a transformational process of development and not a transactional change process. It has been designed principally for those working in health and social care, but can equally be applied to other sectors. 
Our Creating Compassionate culture program is modular. You can choose to access one or all 4 modules. The modular are  
Compassionate leadership and Psychological Safety;  
Trusting Interactions;  
Productive Interactions,  
Well being  
“Suryacitta has a calm, relaxed and open way of teaching which I found very helpful especially the group discussion and interaction. I continue to enjoy the benefits of this fascinating way to understand the mind and believe everyone would benefit from knowledge of this tool in the workplace.” 
David, Director Scottish Power 
“The environment our consultants work in can be very stressful at times; juggling many balls in the air on a daily basis. We looked at what makes people successful in the workplace and believe that a person’s happiness is the key to them achieving it. By offering the mindfulness course to our consultants we’re helping to keep them healthy “mentally” which has benefited them and the whole team.” 
Phil Walker, Director Precision Recruitment 

Some companies we have worked with 

Toyota Manufacturing
Capital One
Samworth Brothers
Precision Recruitment
Bank of Ireland
Kings College London
BBC Radio Leicester
Royal College of General Practitioners
Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council
Priory Healthcare
Coventry University
Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council
Priory Healthcare
Coventry University
Herriotts Millward
Capital One

Testimonials from people from Leicestershire County Council 

"The sessions gave me information and knowledge and time to absorb ideas and consider lessons learnt. It’s not rushed but the pace is satisfying and inspirational." Jan 
“Suryacitta, cosmic man! Beautiful jewels, jems and facets of wisdom. Fearless learning into the edges was inspiring.” Dennis 
“It has been an excellent retreat. Initially, I was very reluctant to go on the course, not knowing what it was or how it could help me. But the course is so powerful and challenging and life-changing. It made me become more aware of myself and I intend to continue to practice.” Stephen J  
"It should be rolled out to all the staff in social care." Stephen B 
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