The Diamond Way Inquiry for Knowing Yourself 

"Suryacitta's teaching & wisdom on the nature of our minds and that our own minds are the cause of most of our suffering was difficult to come to terms with at first but as we progressed and combined the teachings with meditation training things started to become clearer. Mindfulness is about becoming aware of our thoughts and actions and accepting and being kind to our thoughts. Our minds left to their own devices create problems that don’t exist. Suryacitta has a calm, relaxed & open way of teaching which I found very helpful especially the group discussion and interaction."  
David - Director Scottish Power 
In the seventeenth century, the French statesman Cardinal Richelieu relied heavily on the advice of Father François Leclerc du Tremblay, known as France’s éminence grise for his gray monk’s habit. Like the famous cardinal, today’s business leaders have their gray eminences. But these advisers aren’t monks bound by a vow of poverty.  
The Diamond Way is a dynamic, open and intuitive process that leads to transformation. No beliefs or ideology to embrace, just openness is needed.  

The Diamond Way takes place over eight weekly(ish) sessions. Each session last 60 minutes. 

Sessions are in-person or over Zoom/Skype 
Cost for The Diamond Way is £1250.00 
You are welcome to have a free introductory 30 minutes session, to assess whether you would like to work with me. 

I am a five time author, international teacher, business owner and ordained Buddhist 

Most guides and coaches are there to help you perform better, to be more efficient at your job, or to help so that you give a better presentation at the next meeting. That is not my primary interest, my interest is in you as a human being and how you want to live your life. 
I work intuitively and in the moment. We go beyond the story line of your life to where your inate wisdom resides and let that be your guide. 
People come to me for a variety of reasons. You may: 
Feel restless in your work and life 
Be looking at the next phase of your life 
Be nearing retirement and feeling unsure about it 
Feel there is still something missing 
Be experiencing existential issues 
Want some spiritual mentoring 
May want to change certain habits such as being a perfectionist or a people pleaser 
Or just want ot talk about anything on your mind where you will not be judged 

Trusted by:  

“Suryacitta, cosmic man! Beautiful jewels, jems and facets of wisdom. Fearless learning into the edges was inspiring.” Dennis 
"I have done meditatiion and mindfulness before, but I must say, nothing comes anywhere near working with Suryacitta." Loubina (Egypt) 
"Today I faced the fear and was able to sit with the pain and discomfort that has been lodged in my throat, for many, many years ... " Helen - Business owner 
"Suryacitta’s teaching style is deceptively simple but make no mistake that what you learn about yourself as a result of this work, may change the whole approach to your life. Suryacitta’s teaching is embodied in decades of practice and commitment to mindfulness." Edel - Business Coach 
"I have never in my life had a mentoring session like that. So much for my lists of things to talk about. Wonderful! Thank you" Wendy - Senior Manager 

Suryacitta's Books 

A Mindful Life | Suryacitta | The Happy Buddha
A Mindful Life 
Happiness and How it Happens
Happiness and How it Happens 
Mindfulness and Compassion
Mindfulness and Compassion 
Mindfulness and Compassion
A Mindfulness Teacher's Handbook  
The Happiness & Contentment Handbook
The Happiness & Contentment Workbook 
“A perfect beginners handbook. Absolutely spot on and beautifully designed.” 
Emma Thompson – Oscar winning actress 

Buy The Happy Buddha's books 

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